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Windurst Mission 6-2

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Saintly Invitation
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title Hero on Behalf of Windurst, Victor of the Balga Contest
Repeatable No
Description A mission issued by Heavens Tower. In reply to the Yagudo Holy One's invitation, you are to compete and triumph at the contest held at Balga's Dais deep within Giddeus.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Full Moon Fountain The Sixth Ministry


  • After accepting the mission to and see Star Sibyl in Heavens Tower. She will tell you of a competition between the Yagudo and Windurst and will give you the key item Holy One's invitation.
  • You will gain the title: "Hero on Behalf of Windurst" at this point.
  • Go to the Burning Circle Balga's Dais in Giddeus. Here one party of people that are on this mission or have completed this mission may enter the burning circle.
  • Inside are 4 NM Yagudo. They can use their respective 2-hours.
  • The Yagudo can be slept and with a normal party setup should be killed WHM > SMN > SAM > NIN.
    • It can be useful to pull the WHM out of aoe range so that it does not wake the others up with Benediction
  • Trio of 75WHM/NIN 75RDM/BLM 75BLM/WHM can win with relative ease. Killed in order of SMN > WHM > SAM > NIN to remove the elemental for sleep reasons.
  • When victorious you receive the temporary key item Balga champion certificate.
  • Once they are defeated go to Castle Oztroja and fight Yagudo Flagellants until a Judgment Key drops.
  • Proceed to the Brass Door which is past one Yagudo High Priest which is true sight.
    • If aggroed, it is not a difficult nm to kill for a duo of 75's. However if there are links, it is probably best to sleepga and logout next the the brass door.
  • Whoever had the Judgment Key must trade it to the Brass Door. The key has one use only so make sure your party/alliance members are ready to enter.
    • If someone does not make it through the door before it closes, there are two options, get another key, or have the person die outside the door, then use tractor and raise.
  • Speak to Kaa Toru the Just inside the door to obtain the Holy One's oath and an Ashura Necklace.
  • Return to Star Sibyl in Heavens Tower to complete the mission.

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