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Windurst Mission 9-2

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Moon Reading
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title ?
Repeatable No
Previous Mission Next Mission
Doll of the Dead None


Ancient Verse of Ro'Maeve

Ancient Verse of Altepa

Ancient Verse of Uggalepih

Additional Information

  • The final cutscene may not play while using Windower.
  • If you crash the game, the top door will not provide a cutscene. The remedy is to click the blank, glowing spot right outside of Heaven's Tower to complete Rank 10.
  • Not everyone has this issue but if you do the above should work for you.

Moon Reading Battle

  • The cardians will eventually start resisting sleep. However, unless you take a long time to kill the first three it should not be a problem.
  • The cardians will aggro from outside casting player casting range. The Ace of Swords will move to melee range while the other three will cast before moving.
    • As soon as the last Cardian dies you will get a cutscene. The next fight is with a Wyvern and a Manticore. You will be assisted by Ajido-Marujido. If he dies, you lose the fight, so be sure to cure him. Kill what Ajido-Marujido decides to fight first.
  • Letting Ajido-Marujido choose will aggro both NMs. Be prepared to pull both off of him.

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