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Windurst Mission 9-2

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Moon Reading
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title ?
Repeatable No
Previous Mission Next Mission
Doll of the Dead None


Ancient Verse of Ro'Maeve

Ancient Verse of Altepa

Ancient Verse of Uggalepih

Moon Reading Battle

    • The first part is against four Ace Cardians. A good strategy is to cast Sleepga on them and and kill Ace of Batons (BLM), followed by Ace of Swords (PLD) and then Ace of Coins (RDM). Sleep Ace of Cups and rest to full.
      • The cardians will eventually start resisting sleep. However, unless you take a long time to kill the first three it should not be a problem.
      • The cardians will aggro from outside casting player casting range. The Ace of Swords will move to melee range while the other three will cast before moving.
    • As soon as the last Cardian dies you will get a cutscene. The next fight is with a Wyvern and a Manticore. You will be assisted by Ajido-Marujido. If he dies, you lose the fight, so be sure to cure him. Kill what Ajido-Marujido decides to fight first.
      • Letting Ajido-Marujido choose will aggro both NMs. Be prepared to pull both off of him.
  • Return to Star Sibyl in Heavens Tower to end this mission and the Windurst story line.

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