Win. Marriage Cert.

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Win. Marriage Cert. icon.png Windurstian marriage certificate
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Description: Furnishing: An official marriage certificate issued by the Federation of Windurst's Parliament of Patriarchs, in recognition of the matrimony of the two individuals named.
Image: Win. Marriage Cert. description.png
Type: Furnishing
Flags: Inscribable, Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare
Stack size: 1
Storage: <Element: Light STG:1>
Aura Strength: 2
Dimensions: Wall Hung
Moghancement: Moghancement: Money
"Find Win. Marriage Cert. on FFXIAH" "Find Win. Marriage Cert. on FFXIDB"


Marriage Certificates are handed out as proof that you are married in Vana'diel. A bride and the groom can only receive single type of marriage certificate.

In order to receive a marriage certificate, please talk to the Wedding Master NPC in game.

  • The following conditions must be met in order to receive a certificate:
    • The groom is wearing a Matrimony Ring/Wedding Ring and the bride is wearing a Matrimony Band/Wedding Ring.
    • Only the bride and the groom are formed in a party / The bride and groom are in a party together with no other players
    • Both groom and the bride are standing near the Wedding Master NPC that issues marriage certificates
    • The bride and the groom do not already have a marriage certificate
    • The bride and the groom have never been issued a marriage certificate previously

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