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Location: Southern San d'Oria - (D-8)
Type: Crafter Point NPC
Description: Deals with selling items for Crafter Points in the Escutcheons quest line.

Involved in Quests

Item Name

Price (gil)


Leathercraft Kit 25 960
Leathercraft Kit 45 3,180
Leathercraft Kit 65 7,110
Leathercraft Kit 70 8,340
Leathercraft Kit 75 9,918
Leathercraft Kit 79 Information Needed
Leathercraft Kit 85 15,006
Leathercraft Kit 90 18,300
Leathercraft Kit 95 22,590

  • Stock of kits depends on players exchanging the corresponding kit to the NPC in exchange for Crafter Points.
    • Stock increases from exchanged kits goes into effect at 10:00 the following vana'diel day.
      • There is a cap of 1,000 kits held by the NPC, but it will accept more kits for Crafter Points regardless.
  • Availability of kits is tied to your rank in the guild.

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