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Location: Lower Jeuno - (I-8)
Type: Shopkeepers
Description: One of many Vana'diel shopkeepers, carrying a variety of items. Browse merchandise below:

Item Name

Price (gil)


Distilled Water 12
Orange Juice 200
Apple Juice 300
Melon Juice 1,100
Grape Juice 930
Pineapple Juice 400
Icecap Rolanberry 5,544
Fire Carol (Scroll) 6,380
Ice Carol (Scroll) 7,440
Wind Carol (Scroll) 5,940
Earth Carol (Scroll) 4,600
Lightning Carol (Scroll) 7,920
Water Carol (Scroll) 5,000
Light Carol (Scroll) 4,200
Dark Carol (Scroll) 8,400
Sentinel's Scherzo (Scroll) 60,000

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