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Zeni NM System by Spira
(Wild Dragon Chase)

Gaining Zeni

Zeni is used purchase the pop items to fight ZNMs. Obtaining Zeni requires Feral Drain which requires Jettons. Jettons may be earn by trading an Imperial Currency to Zandjarl or participating Pankration.

  • See the Pankration page for more details on using Feral Drain.

Trading in images of specific monsters to Sanraku (Aht Urhgan Whitegate at E-8) will reward Zeni. Sanruku will only accept 10 used soulplates per Vana'diel day.

The amount of Zeni rewarded for a image is dependent on several modifiers. Sanruku will be looking for a specific type of monster type ("Recommended Fauna") and in addition a specific high level NM ("Subject of Interest"). Either will reward a more reasonable amount of Zeni. Sanruku's desired images will change over time.

  • Additionally, higher level foes have a positive effect on the amount Zeni rewards.

Having a monster claimed and with low health will increase the success rate of the Feral Drain and increase Zeni given.

  • To maximize Zeni gained, it is important to lower the mobs health significantly (1-2%), and take the photo from the front at a close range (~3 yalms).

You may check Sanraku's taste by speaking to Ryo, located next to Sanruku. You may also check the amount of Zeni that would be given for an image by trading it to Ryo.

  • Nauls (The mini wyverns in Abyssea - Tahrongi at (E-9)) give up to 1560 zeni regardless of Sanraku's subject of interest.

The maximum amount of zeni that may be held at a time is 1 million.

Using Zeni

Zeni are used to purchase pop items, often these pop items require specific key items in order to purchase.
The prices fluctuate depending on demand: buying a pop item, makes it more expensive whereas passing game days where none of that type are purchased reduces the price.

To purchase any Tier II pop item, a Tier I monster in the given path needs to be defeated and that trophy item needs to be turned in to obtain the key item. This repeats for the higher tiers, Tier IV and Tier V need 3 key items to purchase the pop item.

The Zeni Notorious Monster Farming Guide is a great resource for the most efficient way to solo the entire ZNM system.


Tier 1

Name Family Pop Item Trophy Location Other Drops
Vulpangue Puk Hellcage Butterfly Vulpangue's Wing (Maroon seal) Wajaom Woodlands (D-10)
Chamrosh Colibri Floral Nectar Chamrosh's Beak (Maroon seal) Mamook (J-9)
Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon Qiqirn Rodent Cheese Gigiroon's Cape (Maroon seal) Alzadaal Undersea Ruins (F-9)
Brass Borer Wamouracampa Shadeleaf Brass Borer's Cocoon (Cerise seal) Mount Zhayolm (I-7)
Claret Slime Pectin Claret Globule (Cerise seal) Mount Zhayolm (J-8)
Ob Automaton Cog Lubricant Ob's Arm (Cerise seal) Alzadaal Undersea Ruins (G-7) (Bhaflau)
Velionis Skeleton Golden Teeth Velionis' Bone (Pine green seal) Arrapago Reef (F-11)
Lil' Apkallu Apkallu Greenling Lil' Apkallu's Egg (Pine green seal) Arrapago Reef (I-9)
Chigre Chigoe Spoilt Blood Chigre (Pine green seal) Aydeewa Subterrane (E-8)

Tier 2

Name Family Pop Item Trophy Location Other Drops
Iriz Ima Marid Senorita Pamama

Key Items: Maroon seal

Iriz Ima's Hide (Apple green seal) Wajaom Woodlands (J-8)
Iriri Samariri Poroggo Samariri Corpsehair

Key Items: Maroon seal

Iriri Samariri's Hat (Apple green seal) Mamook (F-7)
Lividroot Amooshah Ameretat Oily Blood

Key Items: Maroon seal

Amooshah's Tendril

(Apple green seal)

Bhaflau Thickets (H-9)
Anantaboga Dahak Raw Buffalo

Key Items: Cerise seal

Anantaboga's Heart

(Salmon-colored seal)

Mount Zhayolm (E-6)
Reacton Bomb Bone Charcoal

Key Items: Cerise seal

Reacton's Ashes

(Salmon-colored seal)

Halvung (H-5)
Dextrose Flan Granulated Sugar

Key Items: Cerise seal

Dextrose's Blubber

(Salmon-colored seal)

Halvung (J-6)
Zareehkl the Jubilant Qutrub Merrow No. 11 Molting

Key Items: Pine green seal

Zareehkl's Neckpiece

(Amber-colored seal)

Arrapago Reef (I-10)
Verdelet Imp Mint Drop

Key Items: Pine green seal

Verdelet's Wing (Amber-colored seal) Caedarva Mire (J-6)
Wulgaru Acrolith Opalus Gem

Key Items: Pine green seal

Wulgaru's Head (Amber-colored seal) Alzadaal Undersea Ruins (G-6)

Tier 3

Name Family Pop Item Trophy Location Other Drop
Armed Gears Gears Ferrite

Key Items: Apple green seal

Armed Gears' Fragment

(Charcoal grey seal)

Alzadaal Undersea Ruins (G/H-11)
Gotoh Zha the Redolent Mamool Sheep Botfly

Key Items: Apple green seal

Gotoh Zha’s Necklace

(Deep purple seal)

Wajaom Woodlands (F-5)
Dea Wivre Olzhiryan Cactus

Key Items: Apple green seal

Dea's Horn (Chestnut-colored seal) Bhaflau Thickets (F-7)
Nosferatu Vampyr Pure Blood

Key Items: Salmon-colored seal

Nosferatu's Claw (Purplish grey seal) Aydeewa Subterrane (E/F-9)
Khromasoul Bhurborlor Troll Vinegar Pie

Key Items: Salmon-colored seal

Bhurborlor's Vambrace

(Gold-colored seal)

Mount Zhayolm (H-8)
Achamoth Wamoura Rock Juice

Key Items: Salmon-colored seal

Achamoth's Antenna

(Copper-colored seal)

Halvung (H-4)
Mahjlaef the Paintorn Soulflayer Exorcism Treatise

Key Items: Amber-colored seal

Mahjlaef's Staff (Fallow-colored seal) Caedarva Mire (H-7)
Experimental Lamia Lamiae Myrrh

Key Items: Amber-colored seal

Experimental Lamia's Armband (Taupe-colored seal) Caedarva Mire (F-7)
Nuhn Orobon Rose Scampi

Key Items: Amber-colored seal

Nuhn's Esca (Sienna-colored seal) Arrapago Reef (G-6)

Tier 4

Name Family Pop Item Trophy Location Other Drop
Tinnin Hydra Monkey Wine

Key Items: Charcoal grey seal, Deep purple seal, Chestnut-colored seal

Tinnin's Fang (Lilac-colored seal) Wajaom Woodlands Islet (H-13)
Sarameya Cerberus Buffalo Corpse

Key Items: Purplish grey seal, Gold-colored seal, Copper-colored seal

Sarameya's Hide (Bright blue seal) Mount Zhayolm Islet (H-13)
Tyger Khimaira Singed Buffalo

Key Items: Fallow-colored seal, Taupe-colored seal, Sienna-colored seal

Tyger's Tail (Lavender-colored seal) Caedarva Mire Islet (H-6)

Tier 5

Name Family Pop Item Trophy Location Other Drop
Pandemonium Warden Dvergr Pandemonium Key

Key Items: Lilac-colored seal, Bright blue seal, Lavender-colored seal

N/A K-6 Aydeewa Subterrane, Map 6

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