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The Adventurer's Mutual Aid Network (A.M.A.N.) have prepared some treasure trove for our adventurers. A.M.A.N. Trove is new content in which players aim to open a variety of treasure chests and retrieve the spoils that lie within.

There are ten boxes available, of which one is a dummy box that is really a mimic. If the monster spawns, you'll need to defeat it to be able to leave the field and take the items back with you. Players can freely choose how many boxes they would like to open. Players will find new accessories that can only be obtained from this content, as well as equipment and materials from Geas Fete, Omen, Vagary, Delve, and more.

Players enter this battlefield using an orb obtained by exchanging the Silver A.M.A.N. Vouchers, which are available by completing new Record of Eminence objectives.

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Eligibility Requirements

Warning: Time Gated Content

45 Days must have passed since character creation before you are able to participate in this content.

  • Be of a main job level of 99 to speak to Greyson.
  • Between 1 and 6 players may participate.
  • The time limit is 30 minutes.

DISCLAIMER: Minimum job level and the 45 day time gate is only to speak to Greyson, but you can still enter the battlefield if you obtain an orb elsewhere.

Getting Started

  • Trade one of the aforementioned orbs to the burning circle located in Horlais Peak, Waughroon Shrine, or Balga's Dais and enter the battlefield.
    • At this time, there does not appear to be any difference between these zones and possible rewards. Rewards only depend on the orb used and messages received.

Note: As of the April 2022 update, players will now receive a random item by trading used Mars Orbs and Venus Orbs back to Greyson in Lower Jeuno (G-11).

  • Around 5% chance of obtaining a new Mars Orb or Venus Orb.
    • Note that if this is your reward, you will always receive the same type of orb that you trade Greyson. You will not be "upgraded" or "downgraded" to a different orb.
  • Around 25% chance of obtaining an SP Gobbie Key icon.png SP Gobbie Key or Copper Voucher icon.png Copper Voucher.
  • Around 70% chance of obtaining a random drink, such as Orange Juice icon.png Orange Juice, Apple Juice icon.png Apple Juice, etc.


Each battlefield consists of ten wooden chests and one gold chest, divided into three rows. You will receive items once you open the gold chest but the more wooden chests opened, the more spoils you will receive. However, one of the wooden chests contain a Mimic that must be defeated once revealed. It is also possible that a rainbow chest will appear in certain scenarios that never contain a mimic.

Wooden Chests

  • If you strike it lucky when opening a wooden chest, you will receive an additional item drop when you clear the content.
    • When this occurs, you will also receive a message denoting the quality of the reward. See the Rewards section below for more details.
    • After opening 3 or 4 chests, you may receive a message about a "belligerent bang", which denotes whether any of the remaining chests have higher quality items or not. If you receive this message, you will continue to receive it until a Loud Thud chest is opened, or if you spawn a mimic and die.
      • This message is not guaranteed if a Loud Thud exists on the battlefield. This is also true for the center chest, as it may be a Loud Thud.
      • If you receive this message, more than one Loud Thud may exist on the battlefield. If you open one, the message may stop giving you no indication there is another Loud Thud or not.
      • It is unclear if a "belligerent bang" message can received if the middle chest is a Loud Thud. Verification Needed
  • If you are unlucky, all the treasure chests will vanish and you will have to engage in combat against a fierce mimic.
    • If you best the mimic, the gold treasure chest will appear in the middle once more and you may open it to clear the battlefield.
      • No other chests that on the battlefield when the mimic spawns will reappear after defeating it.

Rainbow Chest

A prismatic chest is guaranteed to contain a "Loud Thud".

  • One of the wooden chests can change to a rainbow chest at the start of the battle.
  • If all but two wooden chests are opened, one of the remaining chests will turn into either a rainbow chest or a gold plated chest.
    • Rainbow Chests are always "Loud Thuds", while gold plated chests are always "Thuds".

Rainbow Chest Gold Plated Chest

Center Gold Chest

Opening the gold chest in the center row will complete the battlefield, and you will receive a number of spoils proportional to the number of wooden chests you have opened.

  • This middle chest will always be one of any type of "noise": Noise, Thud, or Loud Thud, and it will never be a Mimic.
    • For Venus Orbs, the center chest is guaranteed to be a Thud or Loud Thud.

If an item with the Rare Rare attribute would drop but you already possess that item, it will not appear in the list of spoils and there will be no system log to notify you of this.

The Battle

If the incorrect chest is selected, a Mimic named Chest O'Plenty (Mars Orbs) or Coffer O'Plenty (Venus Orbs) spawns. This also causes all other chests to despawn. This monster must be defeated in order to obtain any earned items from this BCNM instance. When defeated, only the center Gold Chest respawns. Any coffers that were still on the battlefield do not reappear.

  • Has approximately 2,500,000 HP.
  • Upon popping and at every phase change (100%, 69%, 39%, and 9%), it uses the move Ka-thwack, which is AoE instant death.
  • Uses the TP move Gilded Torpor: Inflicts AoE Sleep centered around the target.
  • Uses the TP move Double Whammy: Inflicts physical damage centered around the monster.
  • Uses the TP move: Booby Prize: Randomly inflicts a status ailment such as: Poison, Blind, Plague, Silence, Petrification, Defense Down, Magic Attack Down
  • Casts Death. A Death resist set does not seem to help against it effectively.
    • Spell casting can be interrupted. This includes avoiding DoT spells and casting Lullaby while the chest is casting to effectively sleep it.
  • Casts Comet, Absorb, -ga III, and Ancient Magic II spells.
  • Draws-in party members, which can be avoided by being far enough away.
  • Has an incredibly large range on its AoE moves (50 Yalms+).
  • Susceptible to Sleep, such as Lullaby or Light shot.
  • If defeated, grants the title "Mimic Masher".

It is possible to proc this monster.

  • The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing blue abilities on the monster.
    • Can be proc'd by: Information Needed
    • Causes the following effects: Information Needed
  • The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing red abilities on the monster.
    • Can be proc'd by: Information Needed
    • Causes the following effects: Information Needed


There are three possible messages that may be obtained when opening a wooden chest.

Rewards are tied to the message obtained when opening a chest, but all three types of messages are not guaranteed during every instance.

    • For example, it is possible to open all nine non-Mimic chests and still not receive a loud thud.
    • There have also been instances where multiple Loud Thuds have appeared in a single battlefield.
  • You hear a noise, as if a large amount of spoils spontaneously appeared.
    • The most common message. Possible rewards include:
      • Synthesis Materials (including Voidwatch)
      • Scrolls
      • Frayed/Worn Sacks of any kind
      • JSE Armor upgrade materials
      • Etc.
  • 5,000,000 Gil
    • There is a rare chance to obtain 5,000,000 Gil as a bonus reward upon opening the Terminal Coffer, regardless of the "sound" the chests produced.
    • Message obtained: You receive ≺Numeric Parameter 0≻ gil as a bonus reward!
    • It is believed that either the player must be solo or there is another prerequisite to have a chance to obtain the 5 million gil.
      • Players have gone through thousands of orbs in party to never obtain it in party, but have obtained 5 million gil while opening the chest solo.
        • You can get the 5 million gil reward as a solo player in a party where the other members do not enter (such as if you are burning multiple orbs one after the other to share potential loud thud drops).
    • A Monthly Adventurer Campaign may be active which doubles this amount to 10,000,000 Gil. The chances of obtaining this reward while the campaign is active does not increase.

Orb Types

Mars Orb icon.png Mars Orbs cost 6 Silver Vouchers each.

Venus Orb icon.png Venus Orbs cost 10 Silver Vouchers each. They tend to have a higher chance of each Wooden Chest inside to contain better sounds. This means there is a higher probability of Thuds and Loud Thuds compared to Mars Orbs having mostly noises.

Both orb types always have one Mimic. Verification Needed

It was confirmed in the 20th Anniversary Special Freshly Picked Vana'diel (@4:30:52~) that the loot content between both orbs as well as the occurrence of "special rewards" from loud thuds, such as omen bodies, is the same between both orb types.

  • This does not pertain to the chance of a "Loud Thud". The chance of "Loud Thuds" is higher with Venus Orbs. The above message only pertains to the quality of loot from "Loud Thuds" across both orb types.

Unique AMAN Trove Rewards

The following are unique to AMAN Trove, and are possible after a loud thud. Some items are also available during the Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Mysterious Item Campaign. See the item's page for acquisition details.

Name Description Jobs
Epaminondas's Ring icon.png Epaminondas's Ring Store TP-10 Weapon skill damage +5% All Jobs
Hypaspist Earring icon.png Hypaspist Earring Physical damage taken +5% Pet: "Regen"+1 Physical damage taken -5% All Jobs
Kyrene's Earring icon.png Kyrene's Earring Pet: Accuracy+15 Ranged Accuracy+15 Magic Accuracy+15 "Double Attack"+3% Damage taken +10% Avatar: "Blood Pact" damage +1 All Jobs
Menelaus's Ring icon.png Menelaus's Ring Healing magic skill +15 "Fast Cast"-10% "Cure" potency +5% "Cursna"+20 All Jobs
Nicander's Necklace icon.png Nicander's Necklace Potency of "Cursna" effects received +20 Physical damage taken +10% "Holy Water" effect +30 All Jobs
Orpheus's Sash icon.png Orpheus's Sash Increases all elemental attacks by 1-15 based on distance to target All Jobs
Sroda Belt icon.png Sroda Belt "Cure" potency +35% "Regen" potency +20% "Regen" duration +15 Healing and enhancing magic cost +25% PLD / RUN
Sroda Earring icon.png Sroda Earring Evasion-10 Magic Evasion-10 Pet Alive: "Double Attack"+7% Pet melee attack DMG+10 BST / DRG / SMN / PUP
Sroda Necklace icon.png Sroda Necklace Ailment Resistance Magic effect +20 Enhancing Magic Duration -50% WHM / RDM
Sroda Ring icon.png Sroda Ring STR+15 DEX-20 Physical damage cap +3% Attack increases with number of alter egos in party WAR / MNK / RDM / THF / PLD / DRK / BST / BRD / RNG / SAM / NIN / DRG / BLU / COR / PUP / DNC / RUN
Sroda Tathlum icon.png Sroda Tathlum Magic Accuracy-10 Magic Evasion-10 Magic critical hit rate II +10% BLM / RDM / SCH / GEO

Leveling Mules for A.M.A.N. Trove

This guide walks through the process of leveling up mules for use in A.M.A.N Trove.

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There are three type of campaigns that may run any given month.

A.M.A.N. Trove Test Your Luck Campaign

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, players will receive two Silver Vouchers the first time they log in each day during the campaign.
    • All characters receive two vouchers, regardless of their level or days since character creation.
    • Note that this campaign is announced separately, and ran as an independent event from other monthly campaigns on this page.

A.M.A.N. Trove Original Equipment Drop Rate Increase Campaign

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, the drop rate of the following equipment is increased.
    • From reports while this campaign was active, it seems that Loud Thuds have a higher chance of yielding one of the following Trove exclusive pieces of equipment. It is unknown how much higher of a chance it is. It is a mystery.gif

Kyrene's Earring / Hypaspist Earring / Sroda Earring / Nicander's Necklace / Sroda Necklace / Epaminondas's Ring / Menelaus's Ring / Sroda Ring / Orpheus's Sash / Sroda Belt / Sroda Tathlum

A.M.A.N. Trove Gazillionaire Campaign