A Thirst for Eternity

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A Thirst for Eternity
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Roskin (Near Cafe des Larmes, Eastern Adoulin)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title Thousand-Year Traveler
Repeatable No
Description Find clues that will uravel the truth
surrounding August and his generals.
The riches you'll receive for this classified mission may just amount to more
than you could ever imagine.
Previous Quest Next Quest
A Thirst for the Eons A Thirst Before Time
Must have completed the previous two chapters in the installment as well as chapter four of the Seekers of Adoulin mission up to and including "Balamor, the Deathborne Xol."
8000 Bayld
2 bayld and 1-3 random skill-up books
2 bayld and 1-3 random skill-up books after every Conquest Tally


Mnemonic Pool locations:

  • Fastest route is via the homepoint or Bivouac #2.
  • Fastest route is via the Yorcia Frontier Station and zoning into Cirdas.
  • Fastest route is via the Bivouac #2.
  • Fastest route is via the Bivouac #3.

Once you've collected all four key items, return to Roskin in Eastern Adoulin to complete the quest.


  • This section is NOT optional should you want to do the next quest. It is only optional, if you don't plan on beginning the next quest in the series.
  • Talk to Palomel for an additional cutscene.
  • Zone and talk to Roskin to begin the Optional Section!
  • Go back to Roskin, who will ask you to retrieve a book from Celennia Memorial Library.
  • Check the History stacks in the library to start a pop quiz on Adoulinian politics and zoology.
  • You will need to answer 12 questions without timing out.
    • Timing out will instantly stop the pop quiz.
    • Upon failure you must rezone to try again, but you will have more time to answer per question, and the total number of questions will increase.
    • Some questions are general trivia:
      • Raptor fights are held in the Watergarden Coliseum.
      • The fountain in Western Adoulin is the Font Xanira.
      • Celennia Wexworth hailed from Rhazowa.
      • Sverdhried was the father of rune fencing.
      • The Rala Waterways were constructed 200 years ago.
      • Cafe de Larmes is located in Eastern Adoulin.
    • You are expected to know the names of the six Naakuals, their codenames, where they reside, and what species they have dominion over. This can all be found in the Bestiary stack.
      • The Matriarch Naakual is Colkhab, resides in Ceizak, and has dominion over vermin.
      • The Firebrand Naakual is Achuka, resides in Morimar, and has dominion lizards.
      • The Riptide Naakual is Tchakka, resides in Foret de Hennetiel, and has dominion over aquans.
      • The Ligneous Naakual is Yumcax, resides in Yorcia, and has dominion over plantoids.
      • The Booming Naakual is Hurkan, resides in Marjami, and has dominion over birds.
      • The Flashfrost Naakual is Kumhau, resides in Kamihr, and has dominion over beasts.
      • Pungent Fungi reside in Cirdas Caverns.
      • The Zoldeff River runs through Foret de Hennetiel.
    • You are expected to know the names of the Twelve Orders, who leads them, what role they serve, their administrative positions, and the emblem:
      • Adoulin is headed by either Ygnas or Arciela, depending on your progression through the story.
        • The king's lineage was originally held by Adoulin.
      • The Minister of Finance is Melvien.
        • Woltaris' symbol is a leaf.
      • Haverton leads the Scouts' Coalition.
        • The marquee of Haverton is rune fencer.
      • Reginald heads Shneddick.
      • Janniston is located in Platea Triumphus.
      • Weatherspoon's leader is the Minister of Judication.
        • Vortimere is the current Archexorcist.
        • Exorcisms are performed in the Exorcists' Priory.
      • Gorney's leader is the Minister of Commerce.
      • Vocane is in the Peacekeepers' Coalition.
      • Karieyh's symbol is a monkey.
      • Renaye is headed by Ikhi Askamot.
  • After the quiz you will receive Heroes and Legends of Adoulin.
  • You will also receiving a "Speedy Score" of how long your quiz took.
  • Talk to Roskin.
  • After a game day talk to Roskin again to receive 2 bayld and 1-3 random skill-up books.
    • The History stacks in the Library will have new entries corresponding to Roskin's additions.
    • Talking to Roskin once per Conquest Tally will earn you another 2 bayld and 1-3 random skill-up books.