Altana's Sorrow

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Altana's Sorrow
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: 4
Level Restriction: Level 10
Starting NPC Virnage - Bastok Mines (I-5)
Pack None
Title Pilgrim to Dem
Repeatable No
Description Virnage needs a bucket of divine paint to restore the statue of Altana to Her former glory. He advised you to look for it in a citadel on the Sauromugue Champaign.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Bucket of divine paint
Scroll of Teleport-Dem


  • Speak with Virnage to begin quest
  • Travel to Garlaige Citadel and locate a ??? at either H/G-8 (First floor map - after the 'exp' camp in the hall way where you zone in). It's in a room with a bunch of skeletons so if you're at agro level, make sure you have sneak up. Touch the ??? to get a Bucket of divine paint.
  • Return to Bastok and speak with Virnage. You will receive Letter from Virnage.
  • Travel to Northern San d'Oria and speak with Eperdur at M-7 (Cathedral) to complete quest.