Bastok Mission 8-2

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Enter the Talekeeper
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC Any Bastok Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description You are to investigate the Kuftal Tunnel which connects Zepwell Island with Cape Teriggan. Zeruhn Mines guard Drake Fang will provide you with further details.
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Chains that Bind Us Salt of the Earth
  • Rank 9
  • 80,000 gil


  • Speak with a Gate Guard to accept the mission.
  • Trade 6 crystals to get the next mission.
  • Visit Drake Fang in Zeruhn Mines (H-6).
  • Head for Kuftal Tunnel. Just inside from the Western Altepa entrance, there is a ??? at (H-8). there is a Survival Guide just inside this entrance.
    • Everyone must check this ???. You'll receive a message about a piece of wood falling to the level below.
    • If anyone does not check this, they can check it after the NM fight downstairs, and then return to the NM ??? and still receive the key item.
  • Head down around, in to the Cancer pop room. The ??? is directly under the first one. Sneak up, and check the ???. Three NM ghosts will spawn, Dervo's Ghost, Gizerl's Ghost, and Gordov's Ghost.
  • Pull Gordov's Ghost and wait for the other two to depop. Defeat the remaining NM, and then check the ??? again for the Key ItemOld piece of wood.
  • Return to Drake Fang for a final cutscene.
  • (Optional) Talk to Gumbah (J-7) and Detzo (I-6) in Bastok Mines, and Iron Eater (J-8) in Metalworks for mini-cutscenes.