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On the Docket at the moment:


  • Add recipes and stuff to the Tatters and Scrap pages
  • Add recipes and stuff to the Seal and Abjuration pages

Thoughts on Status Effects

Things that need to be on these pages:

  • Table 1: Misc information:
    • Element of status, if relevant.
    • Barspell/traits/songs, if relevant.
  • Table 2: The names of player abilities/spells/weaponskills/medicines that can give statuses (column 1), their potencies (column 2), and their durations (column 3).
    • Table 2 will be necessary for buffs and debuffs that players can give, but not for things like Zombie that players cannot give.
    • How do we want to handle enhancements? Some buff's potencies change based on level (like Warcry or Hasso), gear (like Berserk), or merits (like Last Resort). Do we defer this to the JA/JT pages somehow, or just note that they can be enhanced with an * or something?
  • Table 3: Names of monster TP moves or spells that can give statuses (column 1) and the family of monster (column 2).
    • This table won't be necessary for things like Hasso, which monsters can't use, but it will be necessary for almost everything else.
    • Is there a Hyper version? (Y/N)
      • If it's Y, Hyper column would appear and either get an X or check. (column 3)
    • Duration/Potency? - Hard to determine for a lot of things and potentially variable.
      • Might be best to have some kind of weak/strong system for things that cannot be determined. For instance, Blaster gives pretty Strong potency paralysis, while Ice Spikes is fairly Weak. Subjective, but we can't realistically be more accurate than that with stuff like paralyze. The template would hopefully both accommodate this and actual numbers, like for Defense Down. (Column 4/5?)
  • Can the status be removed simply by clicking it? (Default Y/N)
    • If N, how can the status be removed? Table 3: Spell/Ability Name list.

Being able to eliminate the unnecessary tables when they aren't needed would be a large step forward, but perhaps difficult from a design perspective. I will try to mock something up tomorrow.

Status Effect Information
Description: Poison is slowly reducing your HP.
Element: Element: Water Base Stat: INT
Barspell: Barpoison Barspellra: Barpoisonra
Song: Herb Pastoral Trait: Resist Poison
Player Infliction Information
Name Type Potency Duration
Poison Spell -3 HP/tick 60 seconds
Poison II Spell -10 HP/tick 180 seconds
Venom Potion Medicine -5 HP/tick 180 seconds
Elshimo Pachira Fruit Item -1 HP/tick 120 seconds
Viper Bite Weapon Skill -3 HP/tick 60-120 seconds
Monster Infliction Information
TP Move Name Family Potency Duration Hyper?
Poison Breath Hound -3 HP/tick 60 seconds X
Venom Fly -3 HP/tick 60 seconds X
Venom Shower Crab -40 HP/tick 60 seconds O
Status Removal Information
Cancelable? No
Spells: Poisona, Exuviation
Abilities: Healing Waltz, Chakra, Remove Poison, Reward*
Medicines: Antidote, Remedy, Remedy Ointment, Catholicon, Vicar's Drink, Cleric's Drink

* requires Beast Jackcoat or Beast Jackcoat +1 be worn when using the ability. Applies to pets.

Weapon Skill Template?

Things that need to be included:

  • Weapon Type - Could be a link to a category page
  • WS Obtainment
    • Obtained from Skill
      • What level?
    • Obtained from Quest
      • Which Quest?
    • Obtained from Weapons
      • Which Weapons?
    • Obtained from Merits
  • WS Description
  • Damage Types:
    • Physical
    • Magical
      • Element
      • dSTAT:: Stat Type, multiplier, and cap
    • Hybrid
      • Element
      • I don't know how these work, so we may need something else or we may not
  • WSC - Spirit's Within, Viper Bite, Wasp Sting, etc. don't have any stat multipliers
    • What Stat (First)?
    • What Percentage (First)?
    • What Stat (Second)?
    • What Percentage (Second)?
  • TP Modifier types: - This would ideally be something like 100/200/300% (columns) with values under them and a phrase like "Accuracy" on the right determined by the modifier type chosen. These are the current options for modifier types:
    • fTP (and whether or not it applies to all hits)
    • WS Accuracy
    • WS Attack
    • Defense Ignored
    • Critical Hit Rate
    • Additional Effect duration
    • Additional Effect accuracy
    • Additional Effect probability (I bet it is the same as accuracy and the only difference is our translators)
    • Aftermath Duration/Potency/Type - I would just handle this on a case-by-case basis with a link like Empyrean AM1, Relic Aftermath or Tizona AM1
    • AoE range
  • Generic WS Attack modifier (optional)
  • Generic Additional Effect duration/potency
  • Generic fTP (and whether or not it applies to all hits)
  • Generic WS Accuracy modifier
  • Range
  • Radius
  • Equipment Modification (Relics and Mythics get +% damage to their specific WSs. There are also random augments and trial weapons.)
  • Notes

That is about all I can think of. I will try to mock something up.

Relic / Mythic Table

pDIF page additions

  • Avatar pDIF caps at 4 for normal melee hits and is capped to 3 for BPs. BPs that can crit (all of them?) receive a 1.0 Ratio bonus when they crit. As far as we know, Avatars and monsters follow the same melee pDIF equations as players but simply extend them further.
  • There is some evidence that pet Ratio caps somewhat normally, but that cap can be exceeded by level correction (+0.05 Ratio/level). [1] This has not been totally proven yet, but it's pretty convincing.

Moblin Maze Mongers notes

  • The MMM entrance timer countdown starts when you zone out from Lower Jeuno.
  • Debuffs from Amnesia's Trial and Trial by Silence are applied after talking to Rediroq and warping out of the lobby area, but buffs are not wiped, so you can buff in the lobby without restrictions before warping down.
  • If the Lockbox gives you a Rare/Ex drop you already have, you will instead get a "You cannot obtain <item>" message.
  • Trusts cannot be summoned.

Voucher 5: Gob RPG

You try to level up a goblin NPC so it can defend its town from a monster threat.

Chaperix - Goblin Hero. Levels up by fighting monsters, but not by killing monsters. Think of it more like skillups. When he levels up, HP/MP is refilled. You can Sleep/Stun/Dispel/supertank the monsters he fights and it will not affect his ability to level up at all.

Charperix can use a Revitalizer and then 2-hour against the boss. The result depends on his job:

  • Elemental Blitz - summon one elemental of each primary element, which cast one AMII each (until it lands)
  • Bomb Blitz - double the damage of Bomb Toss
  • ??? Blitz - something whalloper

Smashlix - Box smashing quests - Chaperix control not required

  • 3 small boxes - give items for the job upgrade - 5 beastcoin, 1 silver beastcoin
    • Body Boost + Strength Potion + 4 Beastcoin
    • Mana Boost + Intelligence Potion + Giant Femur
    • Dexterity Potion + Agility Potion + 6 Gobbie Surprises
  • 5 small or medium boxes - give items for the first weapon upgrade - 5 Silver + 1 Mythril beastcoin
    • Silver Ore + Elixir
    • Holly Log + 4 Silver Beastcoins
    • Ram Horn + 8 Potions
    • Iron Ore + 2 Silver Beastcoins
    • 5 Hi-Potions + 5 Silver Beastcoins
  • 8 small, medium, and large boxes - give items for the second weapon upgrade - 5 mythril 1 gold
    • 1 Revitilizer + 2 Mythril Beastcoin
    • 1 Elm Log + 4 X-Potions
    • 12 Gobbie Surprises + 7 Silver Beastcoins
    • 1 Mythril Ore + 2 Gold Beastcoins
    • 7 Hi-Potions
    • 3 Remedies + 5 Mythril Beastcoins
    • 3 X-Potions + 8 Silver Beastcoins
    • Darksteel Ore + 8 Silver Beastcoins

Slayalox - Killing quests

  • Kill 3 Fodder worm. There are 6 Fodder and 6 Dinky worms - Bronze Ingot, Silver Beastcoin, 5 Beastcoin
  • Kill 5 Dinky beetles. There are 3 Fodder, 7 Dinky, and 2 Picayune.
  • Kill 10 Dinky Spiders. There are 10 Dinky and 5 Fodder.

Boucebix - Key quest goblin

Tempatriq - Weapon upgrade / Key making goblin

  • First weapon upgrade at 10 (not 9)
    • Barrager: Silver Ore
  • Second weapon upgrade at 20 (got at 20)

Switchlox - Job change goblin (level 5 required)

  • Walloper: Body Boost + Strength Potion
  • Barrager: Dexterity Potion + Agility Potion
  • Spell Slinger: Mana Boost + Intelligence Potion

Sonchostiq - Head goblin

Equipment rewards are augmented belts, where the belt you get depends on the protag's level:

  • ??? Cest at <20
  • Bugbear Cest at 20-30?
  • Goblin Cest at ??

Voucher 7: Kill a NM

A NM spawns based on the runes you have set on the voucher. Three categories of rune matter:

  • Species Runes - Beast, Lizard, Vermin, Plantoid
    • Sets the species of the NM and affects the potential drops.
    • No rune from this category results in an elemental whose element matches the current day.
  • Size Runes - Great Warrior, Tiny Warrior
    • Determines one of the possible drops when combined with the Species Rune.
  • Movement Runes - Motion, Stillness
    • Determines one of the possible drops when combined with the Species Rune.

If you set more than one rune from a category, it will be as if you set none.

You do not need to set Lost and Found to receive drops, and in fact it makes the fight easier, reduces Marble yield, and may lower the drop rate.

Voucher #07 Drops
Beast: Great Warrior Ermine's Tail
Tiny Warrior Gnole Torque
Motion Scheherazade
Stillness Gnole Crown
Lizard: Great Warrior Koggelmander
Tiny Warrior Mamool Ja Mantle
Motion Zonure
Stillness Mamool Ja Earring
Vermin: Great Warrior Eventreuse
Tiny Warrior Antica Band
Motion Barkborer
Stillness Antica Ring
Plantoid: Great Warrior Zaide
Tiny Warrior Lycopodium Sash
Motion Onishibari
Stillness Lycopodium Earring

Fundamentally, the monster type is a 3x3x4 array. It probably makes the most sense to split it along the longest (species) axis for display.

No Motion Rune Motion Stillness
No Size Rune Seua Peek
Tiger 1.png
Seua Peek
Tiger 1.png
Sheep 1.png
Great Warrior Purushamriga
Dhalmel 1.png
Dhalmel 1.png
Tiny Warrior Nimble Nelson
Rabbit 2.png
Coeurl 1.png
Sparky Sam
Rabbit 1.png

No Motion Rune Motion Stillness
No Size Rune Rahu
Blue Raptor
Blue Raptor
Blue Raptor
Great Warrior Taniwha
Tiny Warrior Kendi
Rock Lizard
Blue Raptor
Red Eft

No Motion Rune Motion Stillness
No Size Rune Noxious Nellie
Winged Menace
Dicey Dorcus
Great Warrior Gnyan
Yellow Crawler
Terror Fly
Tiny Warrior Yellow Pillywiggin
Yellow Bee
Red Pillywiggin
Red Bee
Atlas Beetle

No Motion Rune Motion Stillness
No Size Rune Fungic Koti
Fungic Koti
Great Warrior Dzoavits
Tiny Warrior Kerwan
Niveus Tages

Elementals match the gameday:

  • Glacies (ice elemental) - dropped nothing
  • Anapos (water elemental) - dropped nothing
  • Fulmen (Lightning elemental) - dropped nothing
  • Luminare (Light elemental) - dropped nothing
  • Tellus (Earth elemental) - dropped nothing
  • Kimmerios (Dark elemental) - dropped nothing
  • Flamma (Fire elemental) - dropped nothing
  • Ventus (Wind elemental) - dropped nothing

Obtained a weapon through the Lockbox, but most drops have been through the Hoardbox.

Maze gives 200 xp. Lockbox gives 200 * CC points xp.

Rahu's link is wrong. They renamed an Abyssea NM from Rahu to something else and it has stolen Rahu's page for a redirect. I need to fix it... Meanwhile, he uses Scythe Tail, Thunderbolt, and Frost Breath. Frost Breath seemed to reset hate.

Conditioning Contract seems to double XP yield.

Voucher 8: Fishing

You need to fish up 3000 points worth of fish.

Small guys, can hold 3:

Big guys, can hold 1, points are based on size (not displayed):

One successful strategy is to have capped fishing and use a high level rod + Worm Lure to pull up Monke-Onke (500~600 points) and Black Eel (200 points each). Go left at the bottom of the stairs and fish in the lake in that corner until the sparkles go away, then move to the lake right by the goblin. Sparkles indicate whether there are any fish in the water, and they recharge after about 5 minutes.

The river (left of the entrance, way down the hall) also contains Monke-onke and Dark Bass you can fish up with the worm lure.

There are also three types of bird-model Feathered Foe NPCs wandering around the maze. More spawn as time goes on. They will attempt to steal your catch, with the effect depending on their model:

  • Vulture: ???
  • Peryton: Steals all your fish and does not despawn
  • Colibri: Steals one fish and despawns

After you win, you pick someone to fish up a treasure chest. There are three:

  • Mithra - Always Sandfish x2 and Emperor Fish, rarely Giant Donko
  • Tarutaru - Shining Trout x2 and Red Terrapin
  • Elvaan - Creel of Moat Carp

If you have CCs, the Lockbox always seems to give a Creel of Moat Carp and also gives a Fishing skillup if your skill is uncapped.

You can get the fishing-specific runes whether you use Lost and Found or not.

Voucher 9: NMs

Entering for the first time, you need to talk to Sadistiq and ask him how the system works (first option) to obtain a MMM Member's Cd. that you will use to record your progress on Voucher 9. If you drop your card, you may reobtain it in the same way.

After the first time, you should trade your MMM Member's Cd. to Sadistiq in order to unlock higher tier monsters that you currently have access to. If you trade no card, you can only fight the 3 Tier 1 monsters. Clearing a monster from one tier allows you to access monsters of the next tier. Clearing all 9 lower tier monstersVerification Needed unlocks Tier 4, Shadhavar.

After selecting your monster, the goblin NPCs disappear and it spawns. These monsters have complicated AI, but they have been badly power crept since the level 80 cap and can be steam-rolled with by any job now. Once you defeat the monster you selected, two chests will spawn.

If you had C.C. points, another chest (only openable by the party leader) will spawn after opening the left Hoardbox:

Following your victory, trade your MMM Member's Cd. back to Sadistiq to record your victory and unlock the next tier on your subsequent runs. Flaraflic will allow you to exit.

Voucher #09 Cheat Sheet
Tier 1:
Flan 3.png
Slug 1.png
Babalu Aye
Diremite 1.png
Tier 2:
Hippogryph 1.png
Goobbue 1.png
Golem 1.png
Tier 3:
Corse 1.png
Dragon 1.png
Gnole 1.png
Tier 4:

If you put Goldagrik's Generosity rune on, you can buy temp items for marbles:

  • 3 - Hi-Potion / Hi-Ether
  • 5 - X-Potion / Super Ether
  • 8 - Dusty Elixir / Shepherd's Drink
  • 12 - Healing Powder / Mana Powder / Cleric's Drink
  • 17 - Champion's Drink, Monarch's Drink, Gnostic's Drink
  • 23 - Spy's Drink, Dusty Wing, Megalixir
  • 30 - Barbarian's Drink, Fighter's Drink, Oracle's Drink, Assassin's Drink

Campaign Medals

Samples of ranking up


Allied Ribbon of Bravery §§§ -> Allied Ribbon of Glory §§§§ took 2 Ops, Granite Rose I (1998 XP, 3330 AN) and Crystal Fist I (357 XP, 715 AN)

Allied Ribbon of Glory §§§§ -> Bronze Star § took 3 Ops, Crystal Fist I (356 XP, 712 AN), Crystal Fist I (355 XP, 710 AN), Crystal Fist I (355 XP, 710 AN)

Bronze Star § -> Sterling Star §§ took 4 Ops, Crystal Fist I (354 XP, 708 AN), Crystal Fist I (352 XP, 705 AN), Crystal Fist I (351 XP, 703 AN), Crystal Fist I (350 XP, 700 AN)

Sterling Star §§ -> Mythril Star §§§ took 3 Ops, Crystal Fist I (350 XP, 700 AN), Crystal Fist I (349 XP, 698AN), Granite Rose II (3375 XP, 4725 AN)

Mythril Star §§§ -> Golden Star §§§§ took 2 Ops, Granite Rose II (3300 XP, 4662 AN) and Granite Rose II (3296 XP, 4614 AN)


Bronze Star § -> Sterling Star §§ took 3 Ops, Granite Rose I (1998 XP, 3330 AN), one Crystal Fist I (357 XP, 715 AN), and another Crystal Fist I (356 XP, 712 AN)

Sterling Star §§ -> Mythril Star §§§ took 4 Ops, Crystal Fist I (355 XP, 710 AN), Crystal Fist I (355 XP, 710 AN), Crystal Fist I (354 XP, 708 AN), Crystal Fist I (352 XP, 705 AN)

Mythril Star §§§ -> Golden Star §§§§ took 4 Ops, Crystal Fist I (351 XP, 703 AN), Crystal Fist I (350 XP, 700 AN), Crystal Fist I (350 XP, 700 AN), Crystal Fist I (349 XP, 698AN), Granite Rose II (3375 XP, 4725 AN)

Golden Star §§§§ -> Copper Emblem of Service § took 2 Ops, Granite Rose II (3300 XP, 4662 AN) and Granite Rose II (3296 XP, 4614 AN)