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Tonberry Hate is a hidden stat in game that is built up as you kill Tonberries. It can be gauged by how much it cost to reset at a NPC. Tonberry Hate has a few affects in game.

Everyone's Grudge (ability)

The original use of this hate was so that the Tonberry's move Everyone's Grudge move would either do 0 DMG or a lot of DMG. There are NM variations such as Everyone's Wrath which is an AoE version that can do 5 digit DMG to people with max hate built up.


There are 3 pieces of gear that have been added to the game that all work the same way but do not stack.

With a decent amount of hate these items will give the player a 5% crit rate but a 10% increase to their damage taken while wearing any of these items. If you have 0 hate the items give 0 bonus or negatives.

  • Example: A 1,000 DMG move would become 1,100 that is then checked against PDT,MDT,DT and Shell etc.

There is also an item with a hidden stat that can block the DMG of these moves at the cost of having to hold TP for it to take effect.

  • Ugg. Necklace icon.png Uggalepih Necklace
    • At 1.5K TP you will negate 50% of the DMGVerification Needed and at 3k all of itVerification Needed but your TP will be consumed.

Hate Reset

There is a quest by the name of Everyone's Grudge that will allow you to reset your hate for gil.

  • Once you completed the above quest you can vist the Tonberry Priest at F-11 Map 1 of Temple of Uggalepih .
    • The gil cost max out at 6k depending on how much you have accumulated.

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