Cipher: Noillurie

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10131 icon.png Cipher of Noillurie's alter ego
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Description: A scroll inscribed with strange symbols that seal away the puissance of an Elvaan named Noillurie. Chanting the enigmatic script summons her alter ego to the bearer's side.
Image: 10131 description.png
Type: Item
Flags: NoSale, Ex, Rare
Stack size: 1
"Find Cipher: Noillurie on FFXIAH" "Find Cipher: Noillurie on FFXIDB"
Noillurie trust.jpg

Samurai / Paladin


Cure I - IV


Hasso, Third Eye, Meditate, Sekkanoki

Weapon Skills

Tachi: GekkoDistortion SC Icon.png/Reverberation SC Icon.png, Tachi: KashaFusion SC Icon.png/Compression SC Icon.png, Tachi: KaitenLight SC Icon.png/Fragmentation SC Icon.png

Special Features

Favors Tachi: Kaiten, but will use other weapon skills to close Skillchain (However, she favors opening skillchains most times).
Noilluie will perform Tachi: Kaiten on an existing Light skillchain in order to create a double Light skillchain (She can accomplish this even if she opened the initial skillchain thanks to her high rate of TP gain).
Will attempt to perform a 4-step double Light self-skillchain based on Sekkanoki recast.
When Sekkanoki is on cooldown, uses weapon skills at 1000 TP.
Uses Cure spells on party members <50% HP or asleep.

Trust Synergy

Excellent skillchain partner with Iroha II due to her frequency in opening Light skillchains with Tachi: Kaiten.