Marid Leather

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Marid Leather icon.png Square of Marid Leather
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Description: A thick and durable square of marid leather.
Image: Marid Leather description.png
Type: Item
Stack size: 12
AH Listing: Auction House 16.png ➞ Materials ➞ Leathercraft
"Find Marid Leather on FFXIAH" "Find Marid Leather on FFXIDB"

Synthesis Information
Yield Requirements Ingredients

Main Craft: Leathercraft - (76)


Main Craft: Leathercraft - (76)
Key Item: Tanning

Used in the following Item Upgrades
Item Name Notes
Artifact Armor +1 Corsair's Bottes +1
Relic Armor +1 Commodore Bottes +1
Salvage Rewards (Level 75) Used to create feet armor

Used in the following Quests
Quest Name Notes
Puppetmaster Artifact Armor Puppetry Babouches and Puppetry Dastanas

Used in the following Synthesis & Synergy Recipes
Item Main Craft Level
Cermet Kilij Mini-Alchemy.png Alchemy 84
Marath Baghnakhs Mini-Bonecraft.png Bonecraft 93
Hexed Gamashes Mini-Bonecraft.png Bonecraft 106
Hexed Wristbands Mini-Bonecraft.png Bonecraft 106
Sipahi Zerehs Mini-Clothcraft.png Clothcraft 82
Cursed Hat Mini-Clothcraft.png Clothcraft 93
Cursed Trews Mini-Clothcraft.png Clothcraft 95
Cursed Coat Mini-Clothcraft.png Clothcraft 97
Sipahi Boots Mini-Goldsmithing.png Goldsmithing 76
Jaridah Khud Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 64
Jaridah Peti Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 66
Tabin Boots Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 69
Tabin Hose Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 76
Marid Belt Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 81
Tariqah Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 86
Sipahi Dastanas Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 87
Used in the following Synthesis & Synergy Recipes
Item Main Craft Level
Sipahi Jawshan Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 91
Cursed Clogs Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 92
Corselet Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 101
Urja Helm Mini-Leathercraft.png Leathercraft 102
Jaridah Nails Mini-Smithing.png Smithing 66
Kilij Mini-Smithing.png Smithing 72
Darksteel Kilij Mini-Smithing.png Smithing 82
Adaman Kilij Mini-Smithing.png Smithing 95
Cursed Cuishes Mini-Smithing.png Smithing 98
Cursed Sabatons Mini-Smithing.png Smithing 101
Kacura Cap Mini-Synergy.png Synergy Artisan
Kacura Mittens Mini-Synergy.png Synergy Artisan
Kacura Subligar Mini-Synergy.png Synergy Artisan
Kacura Leggings Mini-Synergy.png Synergy Artisan
Kacura Harness Mini-Synergy.png Synergy Adept