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Introduced in the December 2016 update[1], Omen takes place in a secluded area of Reisenjima.
Players carve a path through a variety of mobs and clear a variety of objectives, until they eventually reach the Boss Notorious Monster in the heart of the forest.

In addition to powerful equipment, players will be able to get their hands on the materials required for further reforging artifact armor, bringing these well-known pieces to the forefront of use once more.

Getting Started

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have completed the final chapter of Rhapsodies of Vana’diel.
  • Be in possession of a Key Item Mystical canteen.
    • All party members must have one.
  • One to eighteen players may enter, as of the March 2017 update[2].
    • If entering Omen as an alliance, only the alliance leader needs to apply for entry.
    • Even if entering with more than six players, the additional objectives will only scale up to the level as for a six-person party.


Ethereal Ingress
  • Select "Omen" via the earthly concrescence in Reisenjima, teleporting the party to Reisenjima Henge.
    • Only the alliance or party leader may interact with the earthly concrescence.
    • Each person's Mystical Canteen Key Item is consumed upon entry.
  • In each area, an ethereal ingress will appear after the primary objective is completed.
  • Proceed forward through multiple subsequent ethereal ingresses to eventually reach a boss Notorious Monster that awaits in the innermost recesses.
    • The starting time limit for Omen upon entry is ten minutes (Earth time)
    • The time limit increases by 10 minutes every time you use an ethereal ingress to proceed further in
    • The maximum time limit is 50 minutes.

As of the February 2017 update[5], two progression paths have been introduced: One where the player(s) encounter boss NMs and one devoid of boss NM floors.

As of the November 2021 version update, boss scales were added as drops from all Sweetwater foes on every floor of Omen. Additionally, the Key Item Distorted fragment was added as an alternate method to upgrade Artifact Armor to their +3 variant instead of having to defeat one of the three Glassy Mid-Bosses.

Area Level Information
1st Multiple Transcendent NMs and Sweetwater regular mobs consisting of: Tigers and Flies.
A random objective is given to open the ethereal ingress to the next area; such as defeating a specific mob or defeating a certain number.
2nd Multiple Transcendent NMs and Sweetwater regular mobs consisting of: Beetles and Leeches.
A random objective is given to open the ethereal ingress to the next area; such as defeating a specific mob or defeating a certain number.
Selecting the path to follow the larger light.
Selecting the path to follow the smaller light.
Adds 30 minutes to the time limit instead of the usual 10.
3rd One of three midbosses will be spawned at random, with the condition for opening the ethereal ingress being its defeat.
Category-Craver.png Category-Gorger.png Category-Thinker.png
Glassy Craver Glassy Gorger Glassy Thinker
This ethereal ingress allows you to pick which Caturae you will fight in the final area.

Multiple various Transcendent NMs and Sweetwater regular mobs whose type depends on the path chosen.

A random objective is given to open the ethereal ingress to the final area; such as defeating a specific mob, defeating a certain number of them, or defeating a specific Transcendent NM.
Multiple Transcendent NMs and Sweetwater regular mobs consisting of: Rabbits, Mandragoras, Lizards, Birds, Ladybugs, Porxies, Panopts, and Pixies
A random objective is given to open the ethereal ingress; such as defeating a specific mob or defeating a certain number.

Use the ethereal ingress to exit or enter Ou's battlefield.

Ou's battlefield may only be selected from this ethereal ingress if the leader of the party/alliance who took the party into the zone is in possession of all 5 Bead Key Items from the five other Caturae.
All enemies must be defeated in order to select Ou.
Entry person must be alive on final mob kill.
All party members lose any Bead Key Item they posses.


Every 5 objectives completed rewards a Paragon Job Card.

Completing a main objective opens the next floor.

White!!.png Main objectives

  • On the 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors, the primary objective will be randomly selected from the following:
    • Vanquish one specific monster (There is no way to identify the correct monster.)
    • Vanquish a specific number of "Sweetwater" monsters
    • Vanquish all "Transcended" monsters
    • Vanquish all monsters
    • Free floor VR
  • On the 3rd and 5th floors, the primary objective is to defeat the boss.
  • On bonus floors, the primary objective is to open a specific number of treasure chests.

Blue.png Additional Objectives

Apart from objectives required to open ethereal ingresses, the first, second, and fourth area have additional objectives that will display when you are first detected by a foe or are otherwise placed on an enmity list.

The number of objectives and time limits are as follows:

  • 1st and 2nd floors: 3 objectives in 180 seconds
  • 4th floor: 5 objectives in 300 seconds
  • "Smaller light" route toward Ou: 10 objectives in 600 seconds

Any party member can contribute towards any objective; and as of the May 2017 update[6], Trusts' weapon skills will now contribute to any of the weapon skill related objectives (including skillchains).
The objectives will automatically fail if you leave the area or time expires.

The following objectives have been observed, with N being party/alliance size, with a maximum value of 6. Trusts do not contribute to the value of N.

  • Vanquish N foes.
    • You can receive credit for only one kill per attack. AoE magic and Blood Pacts run the risk of causing this objective to fail.
  • Use 2×N abilities on your foes.
    • Job abilities that target an enemy. Pet commands to attack (Assault, Deploy, and Fight) also work even if they don't hit the enemy.
  • Cast 3×N spells on your foes.
  • Execute N skillchains using weaponskills on your foes!
    • These must be consecutive, so you have to do a multi-step skillchain of length N+1 to complete this objective.
    • Skillchains performed with Immanence do not count.
  • Perform 3×N magic bursts on your foes.
  • Deal 3×N critical hits to your foes.
    • Critical hit weaponskills do count towards this objective, but you get credit for at most 1 critical hit per WS.
  • Use 3×N elemental weapon skills on your foes.
    • Whether hybrid weaponskills (like Tachi: Jinpu) are considered elemental or physical varies by WS.
  • Use 3×N physical weapon skills on your foes.
  • Use 5×N weapon skills on your foes.
  • Reduce your foe's HP by at least 2,000 damage in a single auto-attack.
    • Monster must have at least 2,000 HP remaining for this trial to be completed.
    • The entire attack round damage is summed to reach 2,000. This includes offhand hits, multi-attacks, Enspells, etc.
  • Reduce your foe's HP by at least 30,000 using a single weapon skill.
    • Monster must have at least 30,000 HP remaining for this trial to be completed.
    • Any associated skillchain damage is included in the sum.
  • Reduce your foe's HP by at least 30,000 using a single magic burst.
    • Monster must have at least 30,000 HP remaining for this trial to be completed.
    • Magic bursts performed by pets do not count.
  • Reduce your foe's HP by at least 15,000 using a using a single magic attack without performing a magic burst.
    • Monster must have at least 15,000 HP remaining for this trial to be completed.
  • Restore at least 500 HP 10 times.

Area of effect attacks count only once regardless of how many targets they hit.
Sweetwater foes have approximately 16,500 maximum HP.
Transcended foes have approximately 60,000 maximum HP.

Omens Currency

  • Omens currency are dropped when any normal mobs within the zone are killed. Numbers range from 1 to 999. The currency in this case determines the access to the "Free Floor". A random number is chosen as you enter Omen. Each one of these currency obtained from defeated mobs are in a sense a lottery number for the free floor. No duplicate numbers will ever produce during the same run. For maximum chance of getting a free floor, it is suggested to kill all monsters on each floor. The Omen Light Double-Up Campaign also helps significantly by doubling the success chance as 2 numbers will produce per mob killed. If the chosen number is obtained from a monster, no further numbers will generate from defeated foes. It seems that it is only possible to obtain 1 free floor per Omen run.


See Omen Rewards for specific item and equipment rewards.

Omen features both personal and boss rewards.

P. BLU Card icon.png Job Cards

The job cards you earn depend on the job you are participating as.

Paragon Job Cards, used to upgrade Reforged Artifact Armor +1, directly delivered to players (not through the Treasure Pool) after each player meets the requisite conditions:

  • Every 5 objectives completed in Omen, both including killing bosses and additional objectives.
  • Every 5 zone-ins.Verification Needed
  • Every certain number of Omens farmed, on zone-in.Verification Needed

Progress towards earning job cards is saved between runs, and thus potentially between jobs.
If you are truly unable to fit a job into your group's strategy, job cards may be traded for other job cards by speaking with Coelestrox: Ten cards of one type may be traded for one card of another type. Up to 790 (Eight stacks of 99) cards of a particular type may be traded at once.

Kyou's Scale icon.png Scales

The elusive bonus floor.

Armor Box icon.png Random Bonus Floor

There appears to be a small chance that warping up from either floor 3 or 5 will lead you to a floor filled with several treasure chests in a circle.
The conditions to trigger these floors are not entirely clear, but:

  • A different trigger causes a "open 1 chest" red chest floor.

Potential rewards confirmed from these chests are job cards, a Mystical canteen entry KI, gil and armor/accessory drops from Omen.
It is unclear whether specific drops come from specific chest floors and how to trigger the individual types of chest floors.

The King's boss floor.

Nisroch Jerkin icon.png Boss Rewards

Rewards from the various bosses are obtained as spoils in the party Treasure Pool when the boss has been vanquished.

For requirement details, see the following pages:

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There are three types of campaigns that may run any given month.

Omen Job Card Campaign

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, Paragon Job Cards undergo the following adjustments:
    • It is easier to obtain job cards upon clearing additional objectives.
    • It is easier to obtain job cards when defeating lesser monsters along specific routes.

Omen Job Card Campaign – PLUS!

  • In addition to the above bonuses, the following benefit is also in place during this campaign:
    • There will be a greater chance of obtaining Paragon Job Cards when completing main and additional objectives.

Omen Light Double-Up Campaign

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, better omens appear when defeating monsters.
    • Two Omen lights will be activated when vanquishing monsters.
      • Note: If the first light is a good one, the second will not appear.
        • This means that you essentially have a better chance at obtaining bonus treasure floors.