Port San d'Oria

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Connected Zone Port San d'Oria Arrives at
Northern San d'Oria F-10 Port San d'Oria.jpg F-3 Northern San d'Oria.jpg
Airship, Jeuno - San d'Oria H-5 Port San d'Oria.jpg ?-? Airship, Jeuno - San d'Oria-map.jpg
Zone Image
Port San dOria-view.jpg
Map Acquisition Purchase
Timeline Present
Continent Quon
Region Kingdom of San d'Oria
Zone Type City
Activities Fishing


Name Map Pos. Notes
Albinie 1 (H-6)
Altiret 1 (I-8)
Ambleon 1 (J-10) Gold Pass Vendor
Anoki 1 (H-6)
Answald 1 (J-10)
Anton 1 (H-6)
Antreneau 1 (G-7)
Apstaule 1 (H-10)
Arminibit 1 (I-9)
Artinien 1 (H-8)
Auvare 1 (H-6)
Avandale 1 (F-10)
Bellue 1 (I-9)
Bonarpant 1 (H-9)
Bonmaurieut 1 (H-10) Regional Vendor for Elshimo Uplands
Bricorsant 1 (H-8)
Brifalien 1 (H-8)
Callort 1 (I-8)
Ceraulian 1 (I-10)
Cherlodeau 1 (H-8)
Comittie 1 (H-10) Item Deliverer
Coribalgeant 1 (J-9)
Coullave 1 (F-10) Standard Vendor
Crilde 1 (G-9)
Croumangue 1 (G-7) Food Vendor
Curio Vendor Moogle 1 (J-9)
Dabbio 1 (H-9) Melody Minstrel
Dealer Moogle 1 (I-9)
Deguerendars 1 (G-8)
Diraulate 1 (J-8)
Eaugouint 1 (I-8)
Eddy 1 (H-6)
Farmaoquaix 1 (G-6)
Festive Moogle 1 (J-9)
Fiva 1 (G-6) Regional Vendor for Kolshushu
Fontoumant 1 (H-9)
Gallijaux 1 (H-8)
Gilburt 1 (I-8) Abyssea Service NPC
Greeter Moogle 1 (J-10)
Gulemont 1 (G-7)
Habitox 1 (I-10) Gobbie Mystery Box
Name Map Pos. Notes
Ilgusin 1 (G-7)
Ivan 1 (I-8) Abyssea Service NPC
Jaireto 1 (I-8)
Joulet 1 (H-8)
Laucimercen 1 (F-9)
Leonora 1 (H-6)
Liloune 1 (G-7)
Louis 1 (H-6)
Marquie 1 (F-9)
Maunadolace 1 (H-10)
Meinemelle 1 (H-10) Item Deliverer
Meta 1 (H-6)
Meuxtajean 1 (J-9)
Miene 1 (I-8)
Milva 1 (H-7) Regional Vendor for Sarutabaruta
Nazar 1 (H-5)
Nimia 1 (G-8) Regional Vendor for Elshimo Lowlands
Nogelle 1 (G-7)
Noquerelle 1 (J-9)
Parcarin 1 (H-10)
Patolle 1 (G-9) Regional Vendor for Kuzotz
Perdiouvilet 1 (G-7)
Phersula 1 (J-10)
Pomilla 1 (H-8)
Portaure 1 (H-9)
Prietta 1 (H-9)
Raqtibahl 1 (G-7)
Regine 1 (J-8) Magic Vendor
Rielle 1 (G-9)
Rugiette 1 (J-8)
Sheridan 1 (H-10)
Skipper Moogle 1 (I-8)
Solgierte 1 (H-10)
Synergy Engineer 1 (H-9)
Synergy Enthusiast 1 (G-9)
Teilsa 1 (I-8) Information NPC
Thierride 1 (G-7)
Ufanne 1 (H-8)
Vendavoq 1 (H-9) Regional Vendor for Movalpolos
Vounebariont 1 (I-10)


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
A Discerning Eye (San d'Oria) Eddy H-6 Port San d'Oria 500 gil
5 A Job for the Consortium Portaure H-9 Port San d'Oria 1,000 gil
1 A Taste For Meat Antreneau G-7 Port San d'Oria 150 gil

Grilled Hare

Chasing Quotas Ceraulian I-10 Port San d'Oria Drachen Brais
1 Flyers for Regine Regine J-8 Port San d'Oria 440 gil
1 Lufet's Lake Salt Nogelle G-7 Port San d'Oria 600 gil
8 Over the Hills and Far Away Antreneau G-7 Port San d'Oria Map of the Uleguerand Range
1 The Pickpocket Miene I-8 Port San d'Oria Light Axe
The Rivalry/The Competition Gallijaux H-8 Port San d'Oria Lu Shang's Fishing Rod


1 The Brugaire Consortium Fontoumant H-9 Port San d'Oria Lauan Shield
2 The Dismayed Customer Gulemont G-7 Port San d'Oria 560 gil
The Holy Crest Ceraulian I-9 Port San d'Oria Unlock Dragoon.
2 Thick Shells Vounebariont I-10 Port San d'Oria 750 gil
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.

Historical Significance

The port of the Kingdom of San d'Oria is a relatively sparse district of town, compared the other districts. The airships provide passenger access to Jeuno and also allow for steady stream of goods to come in and out of the Kingdom, as evidenced by the large cargo rooms. A single shop and single tavern also found here, along with the North Auction House.



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