San d'Oria Mission 6-2

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Ranperre's Final Rest
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC Any San d'Oria Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Prince Trion seeks an adventurer. Find the prince in his chamber to learn more.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Leaute's Last Wishes Prestige of the Papsque
  • Rank 7
  • 40,000 gil


  • When defeated, check the Heavy Stone Door again, and enter. Check the Tombstone inside for a cutscene, at the end of which, you'll receive the Key ItemAncient San d'Orian book.
  • (Optional) Return to Prince Trion, who will instruct you to go see the Gate Guard.
  • Talk to any Gate Guard. The guard will tell you that it will take some time to decipher.
  • Zone and talk to the guard again who will tell you to see Prince Trion (you may need to talk to him twice).
  • Speak with Prince Trion again.
  • Return to the Heavy Stone Door again for another cutscene.
  • Return to a Gate Guard to complete the mission.