San d'Oria Mission 7-2

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The Secret Weapon
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC Any San d'Oria Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Reports from Ghelsba indicate that the Orcs in Yughott Grotto are up to something. Investigate, but speak of this to no one.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Prestige of the Papsque Coming of Age
  • Rank 8
  • 60,000 gil.


  • Speak with a Gate Guard who will instruct you to go to the garden in the Chateau.
    • Trading 4 crystals to a Conquest NPC will unlock this mission.
  • Head for the Chateau and go towards (F-8). You will receive a cutscene.
  • Return to the Gate Guard to receive the mission.
  • Gather a party and head for Horlais Peak. Only people who are on 7-2 or have completed it may enter. It is recommended that you bring a BLM and/or a BRD for sleeping the mobs.
  • Get ready and enter the BC.
  • Darokbok of Clan Reaper (Level 68, PLD)
  • Derakbak of Clan Wolf (Level 68, DRG)
  • Jagidbod of Clan Reaper (Level 68, RNG)
  • Wolf Clan Warmachine (Unknown)
  • Reaper Clan Warmachine (Unknown)
  • Open the fight with Elemental Seal+Sleepga II. Fight the Warmachines first, then the Paladin, the Dragoon and Wyvern, and the Ranger last. A Melee/NIN can pretty easily solo any of the NMs. Prioritize the Warmachines.
  • When finished, you'll receive another cutscene, and receive the Key ItemCrystal dowser. Head back to San d'Oria and speak to any Gate Guard to finish the mission.


This mission can be carefully soloed by BLM/RDM. Kill the Warmachines first, then RNG. If you have problems landing sleep on the PLD, he can be killed next; if there are few issues, keep him alive for Aspir and target the DRG. Ignore the wyvern, you will still exit the BC with a win once all Orcs are dead if the wyvern is still alive: Instead, keep him slept and use for Aspir. Use Gravity and Bind (though do not waste the MP for these on the RNG, obviously, as he still attacks from a distance). Try to silence the PLD to prevent him from curing himself.