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Testing of this item: It has aura strength of 2 Wind. It gives Mega Moglification: Cooking. You can stack this item to overcome other elemental energies, i.e. 4x Buche des Etoiles are needed to overcome Panetiere's 6xDark energy. 1x Buche des Etoiles has the same strength as Bomb Lantern. Mega Moglification: Cooking strength is +5 skill, verified on lv0 cooking mule: was able to attempt lv20 Selbina Butter, but not lv21 Roast Pipira. Tried again with 6x Buche des Etoiles stacked in Mog House, but still unable to attempt Roast Pipira. Conclusion: item gives bonus of +5 Cooking skill only once and adding further item has no additional effect on skill. Further testing needed: Culinarians' Stall was reported to give Mega Moglification: Cooking skill of at least +4 with 150k GP and 200k GP items each adding further +1. I'd advise to recheck this assumption. It might be that any Mega Moglification: Cooking source caps at +5 and the bonus doesn't stack. This claim might be supported by 50k GP item not giving any skill to Mega Moglification. --Zirael.Ragnarok 07:32, 25 December 2011 (EST)