The Voracious Resurgence Mission 1-12

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Curilla Unleashed
Series The Voracious Resurgence
Starting NPC Halver, Chateau d'Oraguille
Title Love is Alive
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: Claidie, who was to be Trion's dance partner, is currently indisposed. Halver has recommended Altennia to be her eplacement. Deliver his missive to her in Ranguemont
Previous Mission Next Mission
Claidie's Concern Run, Excenmille, Run!
Twinned Shield icon.pngTwinned Shield


  • Speak with Halver for a cutscene to begin the mission.
    • You will need to zone after the previous Mission to trigger this cutscene.
    • You will receive Key ItemMissive to Altennia after the cutscene.
  • Head to Ranguemont Pass.
  • Touch the Vicious Claw Marks at (J-8) to begin a confrontation with Harnessed Smilodon (WAR).
  • Touch the Vicious Claw Marks again after defeating the tiger.
  • Return to Halver for a cutscene.
  • Click the door to Trion's room for another cutscene.
  • Head to Bostaunieux Oubliette best entrance is from the Chateau.
  • Touch the Frigid Confluence at (H-9) top floor to begin a confrontation with Trion.
    • Uses Invincible at low hp.
    • Fight ends with a short cutscene.
  • Speak with Curilla in the Temple Knight's Quarters for a final cutscene and your reward.
    • You might need to speak to her more than once if she has other quests for you.