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Were you looking for Dynamis Divergence Weapon Augments?

Ultimate Weapon Augments were introduced in the September 2018 Version Update.

Ultimate Weapons are upgraded only via S. Astral Detritus icon.png Crystal of Swart Astral Detritus' (S. Astral Detritus) and M. Astral Detritus icon.png Crystal of Murky Astral Detritus' (M. Astral Detritus).

Heroism Crystal icon.png Heroism Crystals and Heroism Aggregate icon.png Heroism Aggregates on the other hand are only used to upgrade Dynamis Divergence Weapons and Necks.

  • These Divergence items are also able to be upgraded via gaining RP from defeating enemies in Divergence. Ultimate Weapons may not be upgraded via defeating enemies in Divergence.

Beginning the Process

  • In order to begin this final step, you must possess an upgraded "119 III" or Aeonic weapon and the appropriate key item Key Item as detailed below:
  • There are two options to obtain the required key item Key Item to upgrade your 119 III weapons, either of these can be done and it will have the same ending result:
  • To begin this option, speak to Oboro while you are on a job that is Mastered. He will then ask for your help in upgrading his tools, and ask for Job Points to be donated to the cause.
  • Only 700 Job Points per week may be turned in (resets Sunday, JP Midnight), but they may be used from any job that you have mastered.
  • They may also be used in any combination, such as 250 from Warrior, 50 from Bard, and 400 from Corsair.
  • In order to donate Job Points, talk to Oboro and select "Upgrading my weapons even further".
  • Within this menu, you will have an option for each weapon in your inventory that is eligible to upgrade and is on the "119 III stage.
  • Oboro won't let you start to deposit Job Points until you finish depositing 10,000 stones.
  • Option #2: Obtain the appropriate Key Item Mask of Light key item from the Dynamis - Divergence Wave 3 bosses. Each boss represents a type of weapon, as explained in the following table:
Weapon Type Area Unfinished Mask Completed Mask
Relic Weapons Dynamis - Windurst (D) Tarutaru Mask of Darkness Tarutaru Mask of Light
Mythic Weapons / Ergon Weapons Dynamis - Bastok (D) Galka Mask of Darkness Galka Mask of Light
Empyrean Weapons Dynamis - San d'Oria (D) Elvaan Mask of Darkness Elvaan Mask of Light
Aeonic Weapons Dynamis - Jeuno (D) Mithra Mask of Darkness Mithra Mask of Light
  • Upon reaching Wave 3, a player must destroy an Elemental Circle in order to obtain the Key Item "Mask of Darkness" key item for that zone.
  • Once you possess this Key Item, a "Mask" meter will appear in the top left of the screen next to the zone countdown timer, tracking your progress.
  • In order to upgrade this item to a Key Item "Mask of Light", players must perform either of the following:
  • Option 1: Defeat the boss.
  • Calling for help prevents the unlock this way.
  • Option 2: Damage the boss for a total of 30,000,000 HP. The mask meter will gradually fill as damage is done to the boss.
  • The damage calculation is cumulative alliance damage, not player specific damage.
  • The Disjoined bosses have around 20,000,000 HP, so a boss must be fought a minimum of two times in order to obtain your Mask of Light key item.
  • You do not have to defeat the boss, so any progress made on damaging it will count towards your total.
  • Calling for help still allows the mask meter to fill.
  • Your points earned are saved until the next time you encounter that particular zone's boss.
  • After receiving your Light Mask, you will obtain another Dark Mask on your next Elemental Circle kill.
  • Filling the Mask bar a second time after receiving your Light Mask in that zone gifts you a M. Astral Detritus in your inventory.
  • After you obtain a Key Item from any zone, or turn in 10,000 job points for any category, you must now ask Oboro about each weapon type you are able to upgrade.
  • He will then take the Key Item Mask of Light from you, tell you that you may now upgrade that category of weapons, and then return said mask to you.

Upgrading your Weapons

  • After you follow the steps above, you can now upgrade your weapons.
Note: Unlike the crafted weapons and necks, you may not upgrade Ultimate Weapons via defeating enemies in Divergence.
  • In order to begin the process, you must trade your eligible weapon plus one S. Astral Detritus to Oboro. You will then have Rank 1 augments placed on your weapon with a bar representing your total RP until next rank.
  • To continue progressing ranks, weapon upgrades are completed by earning RP or "Reinforcement Points" on every eligible weapon you possess. These are earned by trading a weapon plus the following to Oboro:
S. Astral Detritus icon.png Crystal of Swart Astral Detritus (S. Astral Detritus) - Each swart crystal is worth 10 RP each.
M. Astral Detritus icon.png Crystal of Murky Astral Detritus (M. Astral Detritus) - Each murky crystal is worth 50 RP each.
  • All REMA weapons reach a maximum of Rank 15, so a total of 5,960 points must be earned to fully augment a weapon.
  • Though the item says augment path A, there are no other augment paths possible to take.
  • As long as you meet the requirements for a weapon type, multiple weapons from the same category, as well as multiple weapon types, can be upgraded at the same time!
  • The linked Weapon Skill Damage bonus augment is applied to all hits in the linked Weapon Skill.[1]
  • Due to technical constraints, weapons cannot have an Augment-Icon.png statistic as well as Dispense items at the same time. Because of this, the Marksmanship and Archery weapons lose their Dispensing capabilities once the augmentation process begins. In return, Oboro provides you with a new version of your 119 III weapon and an appropriate waist armor piece to equip so you can still generate appropriate Ammunition.
Weapon 119 III Quiver/Pouch 119 (Aug)
Annihilator Annihilator (Level 119 III) Eradicating Bullet Pouch Annihilator (Augmented)
Armageddon Armageddon (Level 119 III) Devastating Bullet Pouch Armageddon (Augmented)
Death Penalty Death Penalty (Level 119 III) Living Bullet Pouch Death Penalty (Augmented)
Fomalhaut Fomalhaut Chrono Bullet Pouch Fomalhaut (Augmented)
Yoichinoyumi Yoichinoyumi (Level 119 III) Yoichi's Quiver Yoichinoyumi (Augmented)
Gandiva Gandiva (Level 119 III) Artemis's Quiver Gandiva (Augmented)
Fail-Not Fail-Not Chrono Quiver Fail-Not (Augmented)
Gastraphetes Gastraphetes (Level 119 III) Quelling Bolt Quiver Gastraphetes (Augmented)

Relic Weapons

Relic Weapons
Weapon Weapon Type Job(s) R15 Augments
Spharai (Level 75) icon.png Spharai Hand-to-Hand MNK DMG: +24
Final Heaven: Damage +20%
"Counter" damage +30%
Mandau (Level 75) icon.png Mandau Dagger RDM, THF, BRD Main Hand:
DMG: +7
Mercy Stroke: Damage +20%
"Triple Attack" damage +10%
Excalibur (Level 75) icon.png Excalibur Sword RDM, PLD Main Hand:
DMG: +9
Knights of Round: Damage +20%
Chance of successful block +10%
Ragnarok (Level 75) icon.png Ragnarok Great Sword WAR, PLD, DRK DMG: +17
Scourge: Damage +20%
Critical hit damage +5%
Guttler (Level 75) icon.png Guttler Axe BST Main Hand:
DMG: +12
Onslaught: Damage +20%
Pet: "Double Attack" +5%
Bravura (Level 75) icon.png Bravura Great Axe WAR DMG: +20
Metatron Torment: Damage +20%
"Double Attack" damage +10%
Apocalypse (Level 75) icon.png Apocalypse Scythe DRK DMG: +21
Catastrophe: Damage +20%
"Drain" potency +10%
Gungnir (Level 75) icon.png Gungnir Polearm DRG DMG: +20
Geirskogul: Damage +20%
All Jumps damage +15%
Kikoku (Level 75) icon.png Kikoku Katana NIN Main Hand:
DMG: +8
Blade: Metsu: Damage +20%
Ninjutsu casting time -20%
Amanomurakumo (Level 75) icon.png Amanomurakumo Great Katana SAM DMG: +18
Tachi: Kaiten: Damage +20%
Skillchain damage +5%
Mjollnir (Level 75) icon.png Mjollnir Club WHM Main Hand:
DMG: +12
Randgrith: Damage +20%
"Cure" potency +30%
Claustrum (Level 75) icon.png Claustrum Staff BLM, SMN DMG: +16
Gates of Tartarus: Damage +20%
Enmity -20
Yoichinoyumi (Level 75) icon.png Yoichinoyumi Bow RNG, SAM DMG: +7
Namas Arrow: Damage +20%
Critical hit rate +5%
Annihilator (Level 75) icon.png Annihilator Gun RNG DMG: +12
Coronach: Damage +20%
"Store TP" +5

Note: All one handed weapon augments only work in the Mainhand.

Empyrean Weapons

Empyrean Weapons
Weapon Weapon Type Job(s) R15 Augments
Verethragna (Level 80) icon.png Verethragna Hand-to-Hand MNK, PUP DMG: +20
Victory Smite: Damage +10%
STR & DEX +20
Twashtar (Level 80) icon.png Twashtar Dagger THF, BRD, DNC Main Hand:
DMG: +4
Rudra's Storm: Damage +10%
DEX & AGI +20
Almace (Level 80) icon.png Almace Sword RDM, PLD, BLU Main Hand:
DMG: +5
Chant du Cygne: Damage +10%
DEX & MND +20
Caladbolg (Level 80) icon.png Caladbolg Great Sword PLD, DRK DMG: +11
Torcleaver: Damage +10%
STR & VIT +20
Farsha (Level 80) icon.png Farsha Axe WAR, BST Main Hand:
DMG: +6
Cloudsplitter: Damage +10%
STR, DEX, MND, & CHR +15
Ukonvasara (Level 80) icon.png Ukonvasara Great Axe WAR DMG: +12
Ukko's Fury: Damage +10%
STR & DEX +20
Redemption (Level 80) icon.png Redemption Scythe DRK DMG: +13
Quietus: Damage +10%
STR, DEX, INT, & MND +15
Rhongomiant (Level 80) icon.png Rhongomiant Polearm DRG DMG: +12
Camlann's Torment: Damage +10%
STR & VIT +20
Kannagi (Level 80) icon.png Kannagi Katana NIN Main Hand:
DMG: +5
Blade: Hi: Damage +10%
DEX & AGI +20
Masamune (Level 80) icon.png Masamune Great Katana SAM DMG: +11
Tachi: Fudo: Damage +10%
STR & AGI +20
Gambanteinn (Level 80) icon.png Gambanteinn Club WHM Main Hand:
DMG: +7
"Dagan" potency +10%
HP, MP, & MND +20
Hvergelmir (Level 80) icon.png Hvergelmir Staff BLM, SMN, SCH DMG: +10
"Myrkr" potency +10%
MP +30
Gandiva (Level 80) icon.png Gandiva Bow RNG DMG: +7
Jishnu's Radiance: Damage +10%
STR & DEX +20
Armageddon (Level 80) icon.png Armageddon Gun RNG, COR DMG: +8
Wildfire: Damage +10%
STR & AGI +20

Note: All one handed weapon augments only work in the Mainhand.

Aeonic Weapons

Aeonic Weapons
Weapon Weapon Type Job(s) R15 Augments
Godhands icon.png Godhands Hand-to-Hand MNK, PUP DMG: +24
Shijin Spiral: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Aeneas icon.png Aeneas Dagger THF, BRD, DNC Main Hand:
DMG: +6
Exenterator: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Sequence icon.png Sequence Sword RDM, PLD, BLU Main Hand:
DMG: +8
Requiescat: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Lionheart icon.png Lionheart Great Sword RUN DMG: +16
Resolution: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Tri-edge icon.png Tri-edge Axe BST Main Hand:
DMG: +9
Ruinator: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Chango icon.png Chango Great Axe WAR DMG: +16
Upheaval: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Anguta icon.png Anguta Scythe DRK DMG: +17
Entropy: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Trishula icon.png Trishula Polearm DRG DMG: +15
Stardiver: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Heishi Shorinken icon.png Heishi Shorinken Katana NIN Main Hand:
DMG: +7
Blade: Shun: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Dojikiri Yasutsuna icon.png Dojikiri Yasutsuna Great Katana SAM DMG: +15
Tachi: Shoha: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Tishtrya icon.png Tishtrya Club WHM, GEO Main Hand:
DMG: +8
Realmrazer: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Khatvanga icon.png Khatvanga Staff BLM, SMN, SCH DMG: +8
Shattersoul: Damage +10%
Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Fail-Not icon.png Fail-Not Bow RNG DMG: +7
Apex Arrow: Damage +10%
Ranged Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30
Fomalhaut icon.png Fomalhaut Gun RNG, COR DMG: +9
Last Stand: Damage +10%
Ranged Accuracy +30 & Magic Accuracy +30

Note: All one handed weapons augment only work in the Mainhand.

Mythic Weapons / Ergon Weapons

Mythic/Ergon Weapons
Weapon Weapon Type Job(s) R15 Augments
Conqueror (Incomplete) icon.png Conqueror Great Axe Warrior DMG: +32
King's Justice: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Glanzfaust (Incomplete) icon.png Glanzfaust Hand-to-Hand Monk DMG: +29
Ascetic's Fury: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Yagrush (Incomplete) icon.png Yagrush Club White Mage Main Hand:
DMG: +17
Mystic Boon: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Laevateinn (Incomplete) icon.png Laevateinn Staff Black Mage DMG: +26
Vidohunir: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Murgleis (Incomplete) icon.png Murgleis Sword Red Mage Main Hand:
DMG: +17
Death Blossom: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Vajra (Incomplete) icon.png Vajra Dagger Thief Main Hand:
DMG: +15
Mandalic Stab: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Burtgang (Incomplete) icon.png Burtgang Sword Paladin Main Hand:
DMG: +20
Atonement: Enmity +100
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Liberator (Incomplete) icon.png Liberator Scythe Dark Knight DMG: +34
Insurgency: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Aymur (Incomplete) icon.png Aymur Axe Beastmaster Main Hand:
DMG: +20
Primal Rend: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Carnwenhan (Incomplete) icon.png Carnwenhan Dagger Bard Main Hand:
DMG: +14
Mordant Rime: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Gastraphetes (Incomplete) icon.png Gastraphetes Crossbow Ranger DMG: +5
Trueflight: Damage +15%
Ranged Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Kogarasumaru (Incomplete) icon.png Kogarasumaru Great Katana Samurai DMG: +29
Tachi: Rana: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Nagi (Incomplete) icon.png Nagi Katana Ninja Main Hand:
DMG: +14
Blade: Kamu: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Ryunohige (Incomplete) icon.png Ryunohige Polearm Dragoon DMG: +32
Drakesbane: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Nirvana (Incomplete) icon.png Nirvana Staff Summoner DMG: +26
Garland of Bliss: Damage +15%
Avatar: Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Tizona (Incomplete) icon.png Tizona Sword Blue Mage Main Hand:
DMG: +18
Expiacion: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Death Penalty (Incomplete) icon.png Death Penalty Gun Corsair DMG: +6
Leaden Salute: Damage +15%
Ranged Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Kenkonken (Incomplete) icon.png Kenkonken Hand-to-Hand Puppetmaster DMG: +24
Stringing Pummel: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Terpsichore (Incomplete) icon.png Terpsichore Dagger Dancer Main Hand:
DMG: +16
Pyrrhic Kleos: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Tupsimati (Incomplete) icon.png Tupsimati Staff Scholar DMG: +26
Omniscience: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Idris (Level 119) icon.png Idris Club Geomancer Main Hand:
DMG: +22
Exudation: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30
Epeolatry (Level 119) icon.png Epeolatry Great Sword Rune Fencer DMG: +39
Dimidiation: Damage +15%
Accuracy +30 Magic Accuracy +30

Note: All one handed weapon augments only work in the Mainhand.