A Fond Farewell (Battlefield)

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Were you looking for True Love?

Battlefield Information
Location: Throne Room or Stellar Fulcrum Level Restriction: 99
Entry Item: Zinnia Orb icon.png Zinnia Orb Participation: 1~6 Members
Entry Currency: Login Campaign Time Limit: 30 Minutes

SP Gobbie Key icon.png SP Gobbie Key x1SP Gobbie Key description.png

Lion's Roar icon.png Lion's Roar x3Lion's Roar description.png

Personal Pool:

Infiltrator icon.png Infiltrator CInfiltrator description.png


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Lion 1 Humanoid THF
Aldo 1 Humanoid THF/NIN
Zeid 1 Humanoid DRK


Note: By synergizing the Lion's Roar icon.png Lion's RoarLion's Roar description.png from this BCNM, and the Norgish Dagger icon.png Norgish Dagger x1Norgish Dagger description.png from the True Love (Battlefield), players can create the Esikuva icon.png EsikuvaEsikuva description.png

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