A Timeswept Butterfly

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A Timeswept Butterfly
Series Wings of the Goddess
Starting NPC East Ronfaure (S)
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Still on the trail of the elusive Cait Sith, the unyielding Lilisette continues to claim she knows what the future holds in store. Amidst her crazed rantings, she has requested that you accompany her to La Vaule.
Previous Mission Next Mission
While the Cat is Away Purple, The New Black


  • Zone into La Vaule (S).
    • Next mission automatically begins at end of cutscene.

Directions to La Vaule (S)

  • There's a one way drop at (F-6), so you'll have to take the eastern path towards (H-7).
  • Make your way down to (D-10) to zone back into Jugner Forest (S).
  • Head north and fall off the ramp at (J-11). Proceed to (I-9) where you'll cross some fallen logs and continue north-west.
  • You'll hit a bend at (G-8), and begin moving south-east past the Telepoint at (H-9) before turning south.
  • You'll see a split at (H-11). Keep to the right (away from the river).
  • Grab the Survival Guide on your way to the Wooden Gate at (G-11) which will take you into La Vaule (S).