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Were you looking for Hit Rate?

Accuracy is compared with target evasion to determine a player or monster's hit rate. Accuracy is derived from DEX, the current combat skill for the equipped weapon, and any traits/abilities/gear/etc that provide accuracy boosts.

AccuracyTotal = Accuracy from DEX + Accuracy from Skill + Accuracy from Traits/Gear/etc.

The contribution of DEX to accuracy is as follows:

Accuracy from DEX = floor( DEX × 0.75 )

The contribution of Skill to accuracy varies by skill levels:

Accuracy from Skill =
For Skill ≤ 200: Accuracy = Skill
For 201 ≤ Skill ≤ 400: Accuracy = floor( (Skill - 200) × 0.9 ) + 200
For 401 ≤ Skill ≤ 600: Accuracy = floor( (Skill - 400) × 0.8 ) + 380
For ≥601 Skill: Accuracy = floor( (Skill - 600) × 0.9 ) + 540

Once you know how to calculate your own Accuracy, can use it to check a non-NM target's evasion using the "/check" command.

  • "Low Evasion" means that you have ≥10 more Accuracy than the target has evasion (≥80% Hit rate before level correction)
  • "High Evasion" means that you have >30 fewer Accuracy than the target has evasion (<60% Hit rate before level correction).

By finding out exactly how much Accuracy you need to hit these bounds, you can figure out the target's exact evasion.

Furthermore, if a player is running a parsing tool they may get a rough number of their accuracy needs by using the following equation:

  • (Desired Hit Rate - Current Hit Rate) x 2
    • Given the number of variables such as a evasion boost moves by mobs, loss of buffs, variance in buff potency, sample size, etc during a fight this number will be more of an estimate.

Pet: Accuracy from Pet: DEX

Pet's accuracy derived from their DEX is via a different conversion rate than a player's:

Accuracy = floor( DEX × 0.5 )

Weapon Skill Accuracy

Weapon Skill Accuracy is a newer statistic found on weapons and other equipment.

It is essentially the same as accuracy described above, but it only applies to all hits on "Physical" Weapon Skills.

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