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|Zone= Morimar Basalt Fields
|Zone= Morimar Basalt Fields
|Spawns= 1
|Spawns= 1

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General Notes
  • Achuka is "The Firebrand Naakual"
  • Uses different TP moves as he gets weaker, gaining access to his worst ones below 25% HP.
    • Blistering Roar : AoE damage (doesn't seem to be either physical or magical), Terror, Attack Down/Burn Aura.
    • Searing Serration : Single target physical damage (4 hits), all stats down.
    • Volcanic Stasis : Conal magical damage (fire based), Stun, Dispels 4 buffs.
    • Tyrannical Blow : AoE magical damage (fire based), Plague
    • Batholithic Shell : Blaze Spikes, Stoneskin, Attack Boost, Magic Attack Boost, Haste (that's odd considering his attacks are TP moves).
    • Pyroclastic Surge : AoE magical damage (fire based), Addle.
    • Incinerating Lahar : AoE magical damage (despite the animation it's not Conal or fire based), Weakness.
  • Builds resistance to Stun.

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Type Lizards
Family Gabbrath
Class NM


Listings by Zone
Zone Rewards Abilities Spells
  Morimar Basalt Fields
     Wildskeeper Reive
Level Aggro Link Spawns DB HP MP DEF EVA Susceptible Resists
    1 FFXIDB Icon v3.png Question Question     Element: Water Element: Fire
Assisted By Title Absorbs Immune

==Ability Informaton==