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[[item icon:=File:Item 18042 icon.png]] item singular log name:=Ascention
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Description: [[item description:=DMG:79 Delay:480 Fire-Icon.gif+8 Light-Icon.gif+8 Additional effect vs. undead: Fire damage]]
Image: Ascention description.png
Type: item type:=Weapon
Flags: item flags:=Not auctionable, item flags:=Equippable, item flags:=Not vendorable, item flags:=Not sendable, item flags:=Rare, item flags:=Exclusive
Stack size: item stack size:=1
"Find Ascention on FFXIAH" "Find Ascention on FFXIDB"

[[Category:item type:=Weapon]][[Category:weapon skill:=Scythe|Ascention]]

Weapon Information
Races: All RacesTemplate:Racially equippable by all Skill: weapon skill:=Scythe
Damage: weapon damage:=79 Delay: weapon delay:=480
DPS: weapon damage per second:=9.88 TP/Hit:

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Level: item level:=67
Jobs: Warrior / Dark Knight / Beastmaster