C. Palug Hammer

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C. Palug Hammer icon.png Cath Palug hammer
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Description: DMG:212 Delay:300 INT+25 MND+25 CHR+25 Accuracy+35 Magic Accuracy+35 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+18 Magic Damage+232 Club skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy Skill +242 "Double Attack"+7% Magic Burst damage +7 "Fast Cast"+7% Skillchain bonus +7
Image: C. Palug Hammer description.png
Type: Weapon
Flags: Equippable, Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare
Stack size: 1
"Find C. Palug Hammer on FFXIAH" "Find C. Palug Hammer on FFXIDB"
Weapon Information
Races: All Races Skill: Club
Damage: 212 Delay: 300
DPS: 42.4 TP/Hit:


Level: 99
Item Level: 119
Jobs: White Mage / Geomancer

Obtained from Instance...
Zone Entry Item(s) Level Cap Battle Name
Walk of Echoes Champion phantom gem Uncapped Champion of the Dawn II


When hits connect with this weapon, Cait Sith's meow noise is heard instead of the normal weapon hit sound.


Cait Palug Hammer.jpg