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Dynamis Divergence, introduced in the November 10th 2017 update [1] is a battle system much like the old Dynamis.

Getting Started

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be of level 95 or higher. Verification Needed
  • Be in a party of between 3 and 18 players.
  • Players may only enter every 60h
  • iLV seems to be 139  ???
  • Aurix can tell when the Player can reenter again when selecting to Ask about time limits with Dynamis (D).

Entry Key Items

Players may buy the Empty hourglass key item in Ru'Lude Gardens@ G-8 (???) Aurix. Trade 100 Byne Bill, M. Silverpiece or L. Jadeshell.


Dynamis - Sand d'Oria [D]

File:Dynamis - Divergence San d'Oria.jpg

  • Entrance: K-10 Southern San d'Oria Home Point #2
  • iLV = CL:139  ???
  • Timer appears when it's only 1 minute left

Battle Info