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Odyssey, introduced in the March 2020 update[1], is exploratory battle content in which players progress through an area of Walk of Echoes known as a Sheol.
Materials you acquire in Sheol A can be used to augment UCNM equipment.

The primary rewards from Odyssey are currently only Lustreless Scales and various boxes containing multiple scales, with gear and more traditional rewards to be implemented in later updates[2].

Getting Started

  • Be in possession of a Key Item Moglophone.
  • Examining the Veridical Conflux in Rabao at (G-6) and selecting “Sheol A (Level: 119)” transports all party members to Walk of Echoes for the Odyssey.
  • Parties must be between 1 and 6 people.
    • Trusts may be called within Sheol.
      • The number of Trusts capable of being called is limited based on the number of people who enter.
        • e.g. should only 2 people enter, and break their party; only 4 trusts may be called within the instance.
      • Trusts are enhanced by the effect of "Moogle Mastery" after it is unlocked.


  • There is a time limit of 30 minutes.
  • Battle the various trash mobs and various Notorious Monsters among the multiple floors of the instance as you make your way to the exit.
    • Interacting with the Veridical Conflux found at the Sheol A exit completes the Odyssey.
    • Running out of time will eject all party members.
    • Using the Moglophone icon.png Moglophone temporary item will allow you to leave the instance.
      • Moglophones will be automatically granted to all players upon entering Sheol.

Moogle Mastery


Path: Sheol A
Sheol A

Main objective

  • Reaching the Otherworldly Portal at the topmost (7th) level will complete the Odyssey.
  • Various Translocators may be discovered along the way. Once registered by examining one, you may warp between them at any point.
    • This is not lost or reset when an Odyssey is completed, and may be used to shorten future Odysseys.
      • You can not use the Translocators if anyone in your party currently has aggro.
  • At the "end" of a floor, there is a Veridical Conflux; examining it warps you to the next higher floor and increases the trash mobs' level by +2.

Sheol A

Translocator Locations
Translocator.png #1: Near the start on the first floor.
Translocator.png #2: On the third floor; close to the western side of the large main area.
Translocator.png #3: On the fifth floor; past the giant doors south of the starting point, and down the stairs to the southernmost island.

 Sheol A Map F1.pngSheol A Map F1.png Sheol A Map F2.pngSheol A Map F2.png Sheol A Map F3.pngSheol A Map F3.png Sheol A Map F4.pngSheol A Map F4.png Sheol A Map F5.pngSheol A Map F5.png Sheol A Map F6.pngSheol A Map F6.png Sheol A Map F7.pngSheol A Map F7.png

Additional Objectives

Defeating various Notorious Monsters that may be spawned by trading 1~24x certain UCNM Materials (depending on the floor) or paying 10 Izzat to the various Ethereal Junctions within the instance.

  • Trading UCNM materials to an Ethereal Junction that wants items will spawn a matching NM to the UCNM whose materials were traded.
  • Ethereal Junctions spawned from Agon Halos and their accompanying Beastmen demand an izzat payment, and will spawn one of the Notorious Monsters listed below at random.
  • All Notorious Monsters have access to various SP Abilities, and will gain an aura after it is used.
    • It is currently unknown if the aura can be proc'd to be removed.
  • All Notorious Monsters drop Lustreless Scale icon.png Lustreless Scales and have the possibility to drop Lu. Scale Box icon.png Lustreless Scale Boxs when defeated.
  • Once a specific Notorious Monster has been spawned, it cannot be spawned again in that same Odyssey run.

Sheol A

Notorious Monster Family UCNM Pop Item(s) SP Ability Aura
Aegypius Lesser Bird Abyssdiver Feather icon.png Abyssdiver's Feather Perfect Dodge Encumbrance
Ailuros Coeurl Voso's Hide icon.png Voso's Hide Perfect Dodge Magic Accuracy Down
Brachys Crab Arthro's Shell icon.png Arthro's Shell Invincible Attack Down
Cynara Sabotender Veloz's Needle icon.png Veloz's Needle Hundred Fists Avoidance Down
Damysus Goobbue Joyous's Moss icon.png Joyous's Moss Blood Weapon Defense Down
Dione Flytrap Orcfeltrap's Leaf icon.png Orcfeltrap's Leaf Blood Weapon Magic Evasion Down
Eurytus Goobbue Heiligtum's Moss icon.png Heiligtum's Moss Mighty Strikes Evasion Down
Gloios Slime G. Gel's Mucus icon.png Garbage Gel's Mucus Mighty Strikes Defense Down
Harpe Evil Weapon Malatrix's Shard icon.png Malatrix's Shard Chainspell Magic Defense Down
Kusarikku Bugard Immani. Hide icon.png Immanibugard's Hide Blood Weapon Evasion Down
Leucippe Bat Tiyanak's Fang icon.png Tiyanak's Fang Perfect Dodge Attack Down
Megaera Cockatrice Warblade's Hide icon.png Warblade's Hide Blood Weapon Magic Attack Down
Physis Morbol Samantha's Vine icon.png Samantha's Vine Blood Weapon Evasion Down
Ptelea Treant Mender's Log icon.png Mender's Log Mighty Strikes Slow
Salamandra Eft Intuila's Hide icon.png Intuila's Hide Perfect Dodge Paralyze
Tipuli Fly Imperator's Wing icon.png Imperator's Wing Mighty Strikes Magic Defense Down

Trash Mobs

The various normal enemies that patrol areas within Sheol are all aggressive.
They come in two varieties, all behave accordingly to their real world brethren, have ~30,000 to ~65,000 HP, depending on the floor they're on, and take reduced AoE damage similar to mobs in Domain Invasion and Dynamis Divergence.

"Nostos" type

Common enemies that while aggressive, obey the normal aggro rules for their species, plus sight if a species is normally nonaggressive.

  • They cluster in groups of 10 mobs.
    • The type of which is randomly chosen at the creation of the instance.
  • None seem to possess True Sight or True Hearing
  • They do not link.
  • They are Charmable.

Earth Gyve.png"Agon" Beastmen type Thunder Gyve.png

Semi-invisible enemies that cannot be interacted with until their appropriate Agon Halo is destroyed.

  • Even though they cannot be targeted, they can and will aggro players before their fetter is destroyed.
    • They do have True Sight and True Hearing unlike the "Nostos" type mobs.
  • They do link with each other, but not with their associated Agon Halo.
  • They can not be enfeebled via AoE spells in any way while "invisible".
    • Using an AoE ability or spell, however, will generate hate on them as usual as if they were affected by it normally.
  • They only appear on floors: 1, 3, 5, and 7.
    • They are found alongside any group of "Nostos" type mobs and do not link with them.
  • When all are defeated the player will be granted 10 izzat and an Ethereal Junction will spawn in the location of Agon Halo.


Successfully reaching the end of an Odyssey, when examining the Otherworldly Portal, rewards the player with an amount of gil and possible Lu. Scale Box icon.png Lustreless Scale Box or L. Lu. Scale Box icon.png Large Lustreless Scale Boxes based on the number of trash mobs, NMs, Agon enemies, and Mimics defeated to each player individually.

Individually Issued Rewards

Examining the Otherworldly Portal is when individual rewards are issued, not actually leaving the instance via it; each person must examine it themselves in order to receive their reward.

  • If the objective rewarding boxes is completed, the notification message for rewards given will always state "Obtained: Lustreless Scale Box", regardless of the number obtained. Multiple objectives being completed will issue multiple boxes.

Sheol A


Players will earn izzat, a special currency unique to Odyssey, as they vanquish monsters within.

  • Izzat is used to open the various chests and coffers found scattered throughout the instance and that spawn from defeated enemies.
    • Chests can contain multiple Lustreless Scale icon.png Lustreless Scales and possibly Lu. Scale Box icon.png Lustreless Scale Box or L. Lu. Scale Box icon.png Large Lustreless Scale Boxes.
      • Gold-lined aurum chests contain more scales than ordinary grey chests.
      • The contents of chests are added to the party's treasure pool, not to individual rewards nor directly to the person opening the chest.
    • Normal chests (Basic Chest.png) are opened by spending 10 izzat.
      • A Thief with Thief's Tools icon.png Thief's Tools, Living Key icon.png Living Key, or Skeleton Key icon.png Skeleton Key may attempt to open a chest without spending the required izzat; however, this has a chance to fail and consume the tool, or spawn a Mimic type NM.
      • After opening a normal chest, there is a chance for a coffer (Gold Lined Chest.png) to spawn that can be opened for 15 izzat.
        • After opening a coffer (Gold Lined Chest.png), there is a chance for an Aurum Strongbox (Gold Chest.png) to spawn that can be opened for 20 izzat.
    • The izzat cost for opening chests is reduced by 1 for every 10 chests in that Sheol path opened.
      • This reduction caps at -5 izzat.
        • e.g. with 28 chests opened, the cost to open a normal chest will be 8 izzat, while with 77 chests opened, the cost to open a normal chest will be 5 izzat.
  • Izzat is also used to spawn various Notorious Monsters from Ethereal Junctions that are spawned from defeating Agon Halos and their accompanying Beastmen for a cost of 10 izzat.
  • Izzat is shared among all party members.
  • All Izzat will be lost once your current Odyssey has ended and you leave Sheol.


  • All enemies have a chance to drop Lustreless Scale icon.png Lustreless Scales with higher level enemies dropping having better chances.
  • To begin using the scales to augment UCNM equipment you must reach floor 7 and examine the final Veridical Conflux which will complete the RoE Quest.
    • You will need 1190 Scales (12 stacks and 2 single) to fully upgrade to AugRank15.png.



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