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|[[The Path Untraveled]]
|[[The Path Untraveled]]
| Cutscene

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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel
Chapter Number Mission Name Type Reward
Creation and Rebirth
Chapter 1
1-1 Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Cutscene
1-2 Resonance Cutscene
1-3 Emissary from the Seas Quest
1-4 Set Free Cutscene
1-5 The Beginning Cutscene
1-6 Flames of Prayer Cutscene
1-7 The Path Untraveled Cutscene
1-8 At the Heavens' Door Cutscene
1-9 The Lion's Roar Fight - Popped NM
1-10 Eddies of Despair Cutscene
1-11 A Land After Time Cutscene
1-12 Fate's Call Cutscene
1-13 What Lies Beyond Cutscene
1-14 The Ties That Bind Cutscene
1-15 Impurity Cutscene
1-16 The Lost Avatar Fight - Popped NM
1-17 Volto Oscuro Cutscene
1-18 Ring My Bell Placeholder

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