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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel
Chapter Number Mission Name Type Reward
Creation and Rebirth
Chapter 1
1-1 Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Cutscene
1-2 Resonance Cutscene
1-3 Emissary from the Seas Quest
1-4 Set Free Cutscene Copper Voucher
1-5 The Beginning Cutscene
1-6 Flames of Prayer Cutscene Reisen Shrine orb
1-7 The Path Untraveled Cutscene "Rhapsody in White"
1-8 At the Heavens' Door Cutscene
1-9 The Lion's Roar Fight - Popped NM
1-10 Eddies of Despair Cutscene
1-11 A Land After Time Cutscene Cipher of Lion's alter ego II + "Rhapsody in Umber"
1-12 Fate's Call Cutscene
1-13 What Lies Beyond Cutscene
1-14 The Ties That Bind Cutscene
1-15 Impurity Cutscene
1-16 The Lost Avatar Fight - Popped NM "Rhapsody in Azure"
1-17 Volto Oscuro Cutscene Cipher of Zeid's Alter Ego II
1-18 Ring My Bell Cutscene
Chapter 2
2-1 Spirits Awoken Cutscene
2-2 Crashing Waves Cutscene Cipher Of Tenzen's Alter Ego II
2-3 Call to Serve Cutscene Cipher Of Prishe's Alter Ego II
2-4 Numbering Days Cutscene
2-5 Inescapable Binds Cutscene
2-6 Desert Winds Quest
2-7 Ever Forward Cutscene
2-8 The Endless Sky Quest
2-9 Aphmau's Light Quest Cipher Of Nashmeira's Alter Ego II
2-10 Reunited Cutscene
2-11 Take Wing Cutscene
2-12 Prime Number Cutscene
2-13 From the Ruins Cutscene "Rhapsody in Crimson"
2-14 Cauterize Cutscene
2-15 Uncertain Destinations Cutscene
2-16 Ganged Up On Cutscene Cipher Of Lilisette's Alter Ego II
2-17 Sacrifice Cutscene
2-18 Somber Dreams Fight - Popped NM
2-19 Of Light and Darkness Cutscene
2-20 Temporary Farewells Cutscene
2-21 Brushing Up Cutscene
2-22 Keep On Giving Quest
2-23 Past Imperfect Cutscene
2-24 The Cursed Temple Cutscene
2-25 Wisdom of Our Forefathers Cutscene
2-26 Where Divinities Collide Cutscene
2-27 Visions of Dread Cutscene
2-28 To the Skies Cutscene
2-29 Escha - Ru'Aun Cutscene Escha - Ru'Aun Access
2-30 The Decisive Heroine Cutscene "Rhapsody in Emerald"
2-31 Fall from Grace Cutscene
2-32 Banishing the Darkness Cutscene
2-33 Over the Rainbow Cutscene
2-34 Cacophonous Discord Cutscene
2-35 Eddies of Despair Quest
2-36 Pretender to the Throne Fight - Popped NM Cipher Of Balamor's Alter Ego
2-37 Banished Cutscene
2-38 Call of the Void Cutscene Cipher Of Selh'teus's Alter Ego
2-39 Both Paths Taken BCNM
2-40 The Man Behind the Mask Cutscene "Rhapsody in Mauve"
2-41 Uncertain Futures Placeholder
Chapter 3
3-1 Darkness Beckons
3-2 The Brewing Storm
3-3 The River Runs Red
3-4 The Crucible
3-5 Forward Thinking
3-6 Tears of the Generals
3-7 What He Left Behind
3-8 Gone but Not Forgotten
3-9 August Artifacts
3-10 Solemnity
3-11 Eyes on You
3-12 Exploring the Ruins
3-13 Become Something More
3-14 Unshakable Nightmares
3-15 What Remains of Hope
3-16 Death Cares Not
3-17 No Time like the Future
3-18 Sin
3-19 Penance
3-20 Vessel of Light
3-21 The Lifestream of Reisenjima
3-22 From West to East
3-23 Good Things Come in Threes
3-24 Tackling the Problem
3-25 Way to Divinity
3-26 The Winds of Time
3-27 Calm After the Storm
3-28 Nary a Cloud in Sight
3-29 An Unending Song
3-30 A Deep Sleep
3-31 Guardians
3-32 Iroha in Distress
3-33 Absolute Trust
3-34 The Orb's Radiance
3-35 A Rhapsody for the Ages

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