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Rune Elements
Name Resistance Add. effect
Lux Element: Dark Element: Light
Tenebrae Element: Light Element: Dark
Unda Element: Fire Element: Water
Ignis Element: Ice Element: Fire
Gelus Element: Wind Element: Ice
Flabra Element: Earth Element: Wind
Tellus Element: Thunder Element: Earth
Sulpor Element: Water Element: Thunder
Elemental Rune abilities are used by Rune Fencer to grant Elemental Resistance to one element and elemental Additional Effect Damage on melee strikes of the ascendant or opposed element, and to accumulate stored Rune charges. The number of charges that can be stored varies with level:
Maximum Runes
Level Number
1 1
35 2
65 3

Elemental Resistance

Elemental resistance granted depends on the currently active types and quantity of runes, which are considered independently. The element of resistance provided depends on which rune were used and the amount follows this formula:

Elemental Resistance for one Rune = Floor((49 × Level ÷ 99) + 5.5) + (2~10 Merit Points) + (1~20 Job Points)

Additional effect damage

The exact formula for calculating the elemental additional effect damage damage is currently unknown; however, it is thought that this amount depends on the DPS of the equipped melee weapon(s). It has been shown that it depends on either total or main-hand base damage and round delay.

Spending and Using Rune Charges

Rune Charges can be expended through Lunge and Gambit. The type and number of rune charges expended determine the following factors:

  • Lunge - Damage and element of damage.
  • Gambit - Magic damage increase and element of damage increase.

Additionally, several other Rune Fencer JAs depend on which Rune Charges you have active at the time. The particular rune charges active determine the following factors:

  • Vallation/Valiance - Magic damage reduction and element of damage reduction.
  • Pflug - Resistance enhancement amount and element of resistance enhancement.
  • Liement - Amount and element of damage absorbed.

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