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Virtue Weapons require Virtue Stones to activate and attack an extra time. For years this made them largely infeasible as damage options, but eventually SE saw the light and added Virtue Stone Pouches. This made them much more reasonable, if still a little less sustainable than other options.

The "Occasionally Attacks Twice" rate of Virtue Weapons (given an ample supply of Virtue Stones) is typically considered to be 55%, though 50% has not actually been ruled out statistically. This can proc on Double Attacks (and likely on Triple Attacks), but only one stone can be consumed per attack round. The process would be something like this:

  • Swing
    • Check for Virtue Weapon Proc
    • Check for Double Attack
      • If a stone has not already been consumed and there was a Double Attack, Check for Virtue Weapon Proc off the Double Attack

So someone with only Double Attack is limited to a maximum of 3 hits per round. Still, Virtue Weapon "Occasionally Attacks Twice" has a synergistic interaction with Double Attack (more Double Attack means more chances for stones to proc), while normal "Occasionally Attacks Twice" does not.


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