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Wings of the Goddess
Number Mission Name Type Reward
1 Cavernous Maws Cutscene Pure white feather
2 Back to the Beginning Quest
Nation Initiation Quest The Fighting Fourth Steamed Rams Snake on the Plains Quest Quest Quest Sprinter's Shoes
Bronze Ribbon of Service §
Membership in the Republican Legion's Fourth Divison
Sprinter's Shoes
Bronze Ribbon of Service §
Membership in the Knights of The Ram
Sprinter's Shoes
Bronze Ribbon of Service §
Membership in the The Cobras
Nation Quest 1 Better Part of Valor Gifts of the Griffon The Tigress Stirs Quest Quest Quest 10,000g
Warning letter
Deathstone Hi-Elixir
Nation Quest 2 Fires of Discontent Claws of the Griffon The Tigress Strikes Quest Fight Fight 10,000g Angelstone Star Globe
3 Cait Sith Cutscene
Nation Quest 3 Light in the Darkness Boy and the Beast Knot Quite There BCNM Quest Quest Adaman Ingot Carbon Fishing Rod Platinum Beastcoin
Nation Quest 4 Burden of Suspicion Wrath of the Griffon A Manifest Problem Quest Fight BCNM Elixir Military scrip Mihgo Mithkabob
4 The Queen of the Dance Cutscene Mayakov show ticket
5 While the Cat is Away Cutscene
6 A Timeswept Butterfly Cutscene
7 Purple, The New Black BCNM
8 In the Name of the Father Quest
Nation Quest 5 Storm on the Horizon Perils of the Griffon When One Man Is Not Enough Quest Quest Quest Icarus Wing Elixir Red Rose x12
Nation Quest 6 Fire in the Hole In a Haze of Glory A Feast for Gnats BCNM BCNM BCNM Republican Silver Medal Fullmetal Bullet Ruby
9 Dancers in Distress Quest
10 Daughter of a Knight Quest Bottle of treant tonic
11 A Spoonful of Sugar Cutscene
12 Affairs of State Quest Count Borel's letter
13 Borne by the Wind Cutscene Underpass hatch key
14 A Nation on the Brink BCNM Jeunoan Flag
15 Crossroads of Time Quest
Nation Quest 7 Quelling the Storm The Price of Valor The Long March North Quest Fight Fight Goblin Belt Peiste Skin Stellar Earring
Nation Quest 8 Honor Under Fire Bonds That Never Die The Forbidden Path BCNM BCNM Quest Elixir Tank Behemoth Horn Intelligence Potion
16 Sandswept Memories Cutscene
17 Northland Exposure Cutscene Shadow bug
18 Traitor in the Midst Quest
19 Betrayal at Beaucedine Fight
20 On Thin Ice Cutscene
21 Proof of Valor Quest Possibility of Oxblood Orb, or Foulard, or Angel Skin Orb, or Orichalcum Ingot, or Molybdenum Ingot.
22 A Sanguinary Prelude Cutscene
23 Dungeons and Dancers Quest
24 Distorter of Time BCNM
25 The Will of the World Cutscene
26 Fate in Haze Quest
Nation Quest 9 Beneath the Mask Songbirds in a Snowstorm Sins of the Mothers Quest Fight BCNM Super Reraiser Icarus Wing Kitty Rod
Nation Quest 10 What Price Loyalty Blood of Heroes Howl from the Heavens BCNM BCNM Fight Fourth Staff Ram Staff Cobra Staff
27 The Scent of Battle Cutscene
28 Another World Cutscene
29 A Hawk in Repose Cutscene
30 The Battle of Xarcabard Cutscene
31 Prelude to a Storm BCNM Elixir or Vile Elixir or Vile Elixir +1
32 Storm's Crescendo Quest
33 Into the Beast's Maw BCNM
34 The Hunter Ensnared Cutscene
35 Flight of the Lion Cutscene
36 Fall of the Hawk Cutscene
37 Darkness Descends BCNM
38 Adieu, Lilisette Quest
Nation Quest 11 The Truth Lies Hid Chasing Shadows Manifest Destiny Quest Fight BCNM Sanctus Rosary Darksteel Sheet Hi-Reraiser
Nation Quest 12 Bonds of Mythril Face of the Future At Journey's End BCNM BCNM BCNM Excelsis Ring Griffon Ring Zodiac Ring
39 By the Fading Light Cutscene
40 Edge of Existence Cutscene
41 Her Memories Quest
41-1 Her Memories: Homecoming Queen Large memory fragment
41-1-1 Her Memories: Old Bean Tiny memory fragment
41-1-2 Her Memories: The Faux Pas Tiny memory fragment
41-1-3 Her Memories: Grave Resolve Tiny memory fragment
41-2 Her Memories: Of Malign Maladies Large memory fragment
41-3 Her Memories: Operation Cupid Large memory fragment
41-4 41-4 41-4 Her Memories:
Azure Footfalls
Her Memories:
Carnelian Footfalls
Her Memories:
Verdure Footfalls
Large memory fragment Large memory fragment Large memory fragment
42 Forget Me Not Cutscene
43 Pillar of Hope Cutscene
44 Glimmer of Life Cutscene
45 Time Slips Away Quest Bottled punch bug
46 When Wills Collide BCNM
47 Whispers of Dawn Cutscene
48 A Dreamy Interlude Cutscene
49 Cait in the Woods Cutscene Ronfaure dawndrop
50 Fork in the Road Quest Primal glow
51 Maiden of the Dusk BCNM Moonshade earring
52 Where It All Began Cutscene Wedding invitation
53 A Token of Troth Cutscene
54 Lest We Forget Cutscene--Finale Moonshade Earring
Quest 1 Champion of the Dawn BCNM One of the following:
Pact with Cait Sith
Nesanica Torque
Nesanica Belt
Nesanica Ring
10,000 gil
Quest 2 A Forbidden Reunion BCNM--Finale Ability to summon Atomos
Trust Cipher: Lilisette
  • Cutscene: A mission that is entirely or almost entirely cutscenes.
  • Quest: A mission that involves a lot of running around and cutscenes.
  • Dungeon: A mission that takes place mostly in a dungeon, such as Promyvion or Sacrarium.
  • Fight: A mission that mostly involves one or many NM fights.
  • BCNM: A mission that is either solely a BCNM, or culminates in a BCNM fight. Usually referenced along with Dungeon-type missions.