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(Common TP Moves)
(Common TP Moves)
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===Common TP Moves===
===Common TP Moves===
===Common TP Moves===
{{Enemy Ability Table
{{Enemy Ability Table

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  • Will not turn to face their target.
  • Have a very high Double Attack rate.

Common TP Moves

Template:Enemy Ability Table

Notorious Monsters

Name Area Level Condition Notable Drops
Dea Bhaflau Thickets Question Forced spawn by trading an Olzhiryan Cactus to the ??? at (F-7).

Event Monsters

Name Event Area
Nihhus Einherjar Grimgerde's Chamber
Rossweisse's Chamber
Siegrune's Chamber
Wivre-X Einherjar Brunhilde's Chamber
Gerhilde's Chamber
Ortlinde's Chamber
Sentinel Wivre Succor to the Sidhe Grauberg (S)

Normal Monsters

Name Area Notes
Lesser Wivre North Gustaberg (S) (45-47)
Wivre Grauberg (S) (68-74)
Bhaflau Thickets (78-83)

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