Crit. Def. Bonus

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Job Trait Information
Description Improves defense against critical hits.
Type Level
Tier Level Obtained Value
I PLD79, BRD80, PUP85, DRG85 -5%
II PLD85, BRD91, PUP95, DRG95 -8%
III PLD91 -11%
IV PLD96 -14%


  • Reduces Critical Hit Damage by negating Critical Attack Bonus.
    • Appears to be additive with Critical Attack Bonus and Critical Hit Damage modifying equipment, so someone with 14 Critical Attack Bonus fighting a level 99 Paladin monster would net 0 Critical Attack Bonus.
    • If the Defender's Critical Defense Bonus is greater than the Attacker's Critical Attack Bonus, then the Critical Attack Bonus will be capped at 0 instead.
    • Doesn't directly effect Critical Hit Damage received, so will have no effect when fighting those without a Critical Attack Bonus.