Flotsam Finding

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Flotsam Finding
Required Fame Other Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Green Thumb Moogle, Mog Garden
Pack None
Title Mog Garden Seedling
Repeatable No
Description Check what drifted in on the tide by examining a spot on the Mog Garden's coastline.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Seed Sowing Courtesy Crustacean
Water Cluster, Garden Worm, Grove Worm, Stone Serum, Sardine Sphere, Sardine Chum


  • The Green Thumb Moogle instructs you to examine the sparkling Flotsam on the beach.
  • Examine the spot, and report back to the Moogle to complete the quest line.
    • Note that if you do not have five available spots, you will not complete the quest. Talk to the Moogle twice in a row to re-trigger the beach cutscene and complete the quest.