Foe Lullaby

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Foe Lullaby

Spell Information
 Job:  Bard
 Level Obtained:  16
 Description:  Puts an enemy to sleep.
 Spell Category:  Songs
 Element:  Element: Light
 MP Cost:  NA
 Casting Time:  2 Seconds
 Duration:  00:30
 Recast Time:  24
 From Merits?  No
 Command:  /ma "Whatever the hell it is" <whatever>


  • Lullaby's base duration is 30 seconds.
    • Each +1 on an instrument adds 3 seconds to its total duration.
  • When using a String Instrument versus a Wind Instrument, Wind tend to have higher chance of landing.


Modified by Following Equipment
 Mary's Horn:  Lullaby +1
 Gjallarhorn:  All songs +2
 Nursemaid's Harp:  Lullaby +2