Garuda (Avatar)

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Were you looking for Garuda Prime or Garuda (Server)?

The queen of avians, said to soar through the heavens on immeasurable wings. Garuda aids the summoner with her command over air and wind.

Summoning Information


Avatar Element: Element: Wind Wind
Description: Summons Garuda to fight by your side.
Type: Avatar Skill: Summoning Magic
Cost: 7 MP Target: Self
Casting Time: 7 Seconds Recast Time: 4 Seconds
Job: Black Mage
Command: /ma Garuda <me>
Spell/Job Level Information
Job Level Condition
Summoner 1 N/A

Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Karura Hachigane Garuda Attack and Defense bonus +10

Blood Pacts

All of Garuda's Blood Pacts are wind based.

Blood Pact: Rage
Level Name Notes
 1  Aerial Blast  Astral Flow active.
 1  Claw  
 10  Aero II (Blood Pact)  
 60  Aero IV (Blood Pact)  
 70  Predator Claws  
 75  Wind Blade  Merited

Blood Pact: Ward
Level Name Notes
 25  Aerial Armor  
 36  Whispering Wind  
 48  Hastega  
 86  Fleet Wind  
 99  Hastega II