Gather: Ra'Kaznar Inner Court

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Gather: Ra'Kaznar Inner Court
Coalition Inventors' Coalition
Rank Legend
Type Gather Materials
Zone Ra'Kaznar Inner Court
Objective Procure 3 Luminicloths
Rewards: EXP/Bayld
IMP x1 IMP x2 IMP x3 Treasure
4750 8550 11400


  • NPC asks you to obtain 3 Luminicloths.
    • The NPC specifically notes it does not matter how the player obtains it. It can be bought, traded, or farmed.
  • Trade these to the NPC and then Report on the quest outcome.
  • These can be farmed through the following locations;
    • Spook-King Ranperre's Tomb
    • Ghost-Konschtat Highlands/Tahrongi Canyon
    • Crypt Ghost-King Ranperre's Tomb
    • Phantom-Ship bound for Mhaura
    • Bogy-Buburimu Peninsula/Jugner Forest/Pashhow Marshlands/Meriphataud Mountains/Gusgen Mines/Valkurm Dunes/Korroloka Tunnel
    • Banshee-Gusgen Mines
    • Evil Spirit-Middle Delkfutt's Tower
    • Revenant-Fei'Yin
    • Bhuta-Behemoth's Dominion/Garlaige Citadel
    • Utukku-Fei'Yin/Eldieme Necropolis
    • Wekufe-Fei'Yin