M.Abjuration: Hn.

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Item Information
 Category:  item type:=Item
 Item Qualities:  item flags:=Not auctionable item flags:=Not vendorable item flags:=Not sendable item flags:=Rare item flags:=Exclusive
 Description:  item description:=The inscription reads: "In accordance with the ancient martial pact, may the bane be lifted from thy forbidden artifact." This prayer is necessary in purifying cursed handschuhs.

Involved in...
Type of Involvement Name
- -
Obtained From...
NPC Zone Cost/Quest
- - -

Synthesis Information
Item Craft Levels Crystal Recipe Yield
- - -  - -
Desynthesis Information
 Crystal  Results
- -

Used in Other Recipes:
Item Main Craft Level Crystal
- - -
Guild Information - Guild Points
Guild Name Number of points awarded
- -

[[item icon:=File:Item 1331 icon.png| ]]