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Connected Zone Metalworks Arrives at
Bastok Markets F-8 BastokMetalworks.jpg H-7 BastokMarkets.jpg
Map 1
Bastok Composite Map.jpgBastok Composite Map.jpg
Composite Map
Japanese 大工房
Map Acquisition Rusese (H-6)
Upper Jeuno
Timeline Present
Continent Quon
Region Bastok
Zone Type City
Activities Fishing
Weather None


Name Map Pos. Notes
Abbudin 1 G-9
Alois 1 J-8
Amulya 1 E-9
Ayame 1 K-7
Baldric 1 G-9
Celebratory Chest 1 J-8 Wedding Item Vendor
Cerberus (NPC) 1 J-7
Chantain 1 I-9
Cid 1 H-8
Cloud Walker 1 J-8 Wedding NPC
Conrad 1 F-8
Cornelia 1 K-8 Mission NPC
Darha 1 F-8
Dark Clouds 1 F-8
Dietrich 1 I-7
Elayne 1 G-8
Fariel 1 I-8
Ferghus 1 G-9
Folzen 1 F-8
Franziska 1 K-8
Ghemp 1 E-7
Glarociquet, T.K. 1 I-9
Grohm 1 H-9
Hadelind 1 I-7
Hans 1 I-9
Helga 1 I-8
Helmut 1 F-8
High Bear 1 I-8
Hugues 1 E-7
Hungry Wolf 1 G-9
Indiran 1 K-7
Invincible Shield 1 G-8
Iron Eater 1 J-8
Izabele 1 G-8
Kachina 1 J-8
Kaela 1 I-8
Krieger 1 G-7
Leonhardt 1 H-9
Name Map Pos. Notes
Lexun-Marixun, W.W. 1 I-7
Lorena 1 F-7
Lucius 1 I-9
Lutia 1 I-9
Malduc 1 J-8
Manilam 1 G-7
Matrimonial Coffer 1 J-8 Wedding Item Vendor
Mighty Fist 1 G-9
Mih Ketto 1 I-7
Moyoyo 1 I-7
Mukunda 1 J-8
Mythily 1 J-8
Naji 1 J-8
Nogga 1 G-7
Olaf 1 G-7
Patricius 1 H-8
Patt-Pott 1 I-7
Pius 1 J-8
Quasim 1 G-8
Raibaht 1 G-8
Remus 1 G-9
Riault 1 I-9
Romero 1 E-7
Romualdo 1 K-9
Salim 1 G-7
Savae E Paleade 1 I-9
Striking Snake 1 H-7
Takiyah 1 I-7
Taulluque 1 I-8
Tomasa 1 H-9
Topuru-Kuperu 1 I-7
Udine A.M.A.N. 1 H-8
Unlucky Rat 1 G-7
Veit 1 H-7
Vicious Eye 1 E-9
Vladinek 1 H-8
Wise Owl 1 E-7
Zenobia 1 I-7


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
5 A Question of Faith Ayame K-7 Metalworks 3,000 gil
3 Bait and Switch Salim G-7 Metalworks
4 Beadeaux Smog High Bear I-8 Metalworks Chakram
4 Cid's Secret [[]] H-8 Metalworks Ram Mantle
Dark Legacy Raibaht G-8 Metalworks Raven Scythe
Dark Puppet Cid G-8 Metalworks Chaos Sollerets
Faded Promises Romualdo K-9 Metalworks Fukuro
4 Hyper Active Raibaht G-8 Metalworks 3,000 gil
2 Mean Machine Unlucky Rat G-7 Metalworks Scroll of Warp
5 Out of the Depths Ayame K-7 Metalworks 2,200 gil
5 Return to the Depths Ayame K-7 Metalworks Bowyer Ring
3,000 gil
Shoot First, Ask Questions Later Cid H-8 Metalworks Detonator Weapon Skill
1 Smoke on the Mountain Hungry Wolf G-9 Metalworks 300 gil
2 Stardust Baldric G-9 Metalworks 300 gil
3 Teak Me to the Stars Raibaht G-8 Metalworks 2,100 gil
3 The Darksmith Mighty Fist G-9 Metalworks 8,000 gil
1 The Gustaberg Tour Izabele G-8 Metalworks 500 gil
The Naming Game Raibaht G-8 Metalworks 3600 gil
Name Cid's new Airship
The Weight of Your Limits Iron Eater J-8 Metalworks Steel Cyclone Weapon Skill
Too Many Chefs Ferghus G-9 Metalworks Aileen's Delight
True Strength Ayame K-7 Metalworks Temple Hose
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.

Historical Significance

Home to the Republic of Bastok's presidential offices, including the official Immigration NPC Mythily and Ballista Pursuivant Invincible Shield, not to mention the Consulates of the other nations. The Metalworks is also home to, not surprisingly, the Blacksmith Guild and its proprietor, Cid.