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(JSE iLevel 119 Weapons)
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! BGCOLOR="#CEE0F2" rowspan="3" | [[Priwen]]
! BGCOLOR="#CEE0F2" rowspan="3" | [[Priwen]]
| [[Cehuetzi Pelt]]
| [[Cehuetzi Pelt]]
| rowspan="3" | HP+{{question}}, Magic Evasion +{{question}}, Damage Taken -{{question}}%
| rowspan="3" | HP+50, Magic Evasion +50, Damage Taken -3%
| rowspan="3" | [[:Category:Shields|Shield]]
| rowspan="3" | [[:Category:Shields|Shield]]
| rowspan="3" | [[Paladin]]
| rowspan="3" | [[Paladin]]

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Location: Port Jeuno - (E-6)
Type: Other NPC
Description: 119 Job Specific Equipment and 119 REM Upgrade NPC

REME Upgrade Process

Assists players in upgrading their Relic Weapons, Empyrean Weapons, Mythic Weapons, and Ergon Weapons to their initial and final iLevel 119 stages.
These items must be equipped when speaking with him in order to begin the reforging process.

Initial REM 119 Stage Upgrade Process

The initial stage for 119 REMs is trading specific materials to Oboro, the amount and type of item varies depending on the weapon being upgraded:

Final REME 119 Stage Upgrade Process

JSE iLevel 119 Weapons

As of the April 2014 version update, also crafts iLv119 job specific equipment for each job; and as of the February 2016 version update, augments these items through unique and specific upgrade paths.

The Key Item:"Scintillating Rhapsody", obtained from the final Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Mission, must be obtained first in order to begin the augmenting process for these items.

  • To begin, speak with Oboro about the weapons, while in possession of the "Scintillating Rhapsody" Key Item.
  • Trade the iLevel 119 weapon and either a Pluton, Riftborn Boulder, or Beitetsu to him to begin the process.
    • The initial type of stone traded to begin the augment process locks the weapon in to being upgraded only with that type of stone.
    • The initial stone is not counted toward augment ranks.
  • Pluton, Riftborn Boulder, or Beitetsu x300Verification Needed are required to complete the augment process up to rank 15 augmentation.
    • All must be of a single type.
    • The type required matches that which the player traded to initially obtain the weapon.
    • Each stone increases augment by 20 rank points.
    • Though the item says augment path A, there are no other augment paths possible to take.

Weapon Required Materials Rank 15 Augment Item Type Job
Minos Cehuetzi Claw  ??? Augment Great Axe Warrior
Darksteel Voulge
Nyepel Cehuetzi Pelt  ??? Augment Hand-to-Hand Monk
Koenigs Knuckles
Bone Patas
Sindri Cehuetzi Pelt Accuracy +Question, Attack +Question, Double Attack +Question Club White Mage
Darksteel Maul
Darksteel Mace
Kaladanda Cehuetzi Pelt  ??? Augment Staff Black Mage
Mythic Pole
Iridal Staff
Egeking Cehuetzi Claw Accuracy +Question, Magic Accuracy +Question, Fast Cast +Question Sword Red Mage
Sandung Cehuetzi Claw Accuracy+50, Critical Hit Rate +5%, Triple Attack +3% Dagger Thief
Darksteel Knife
Priwen Cehuetzi Pelt HP+50, Magic Evasion +50, Damage Taken -3% Shield Paladin
Darksteel Shield
Cronus Cehuetzi Claw  ??? Augment Scythe Dark Knight
Orichalcum Scythe
Ivory Sickle
Arktoi Cehuetzi Claw Accuracy +Question, Pet: Accuracy +Question, Pet: Attack +Question Axe Beastmaster
Darksteel Pick
Terpander Cehuetzi Pelt  ??? Augment Instrument Bard
Ebony Harp
Lionsquall Cehuetzi Pelt  ??? Augment Gun Ranger
Matchlock Gun
Kurikaranotachi Cehuetzi Claw  ??? Augment Great Katana Samurai
Shigi Cehuetzi Claw  ??? Augment Katana Ninja
Areadbhar Cehuetzi Claw  ??? Augment Polearm Dragoon
Orichalcum Lance
Dark Mezraq
Gridarvor Cehuetzi Pelt Pet: Attack +70, Pet: Accuracy +70, Pet: Double Attack +15% Staff Summoner
Mahogany Staff
Iridal Staff
Mimesis Cehuetzi Claw  ??? Augment Sword Blue Mage
Adaman Kilij
Deathlocke Cehuetzi Pelt Magic Damage +Question, Magic Attack Bonus +Question, AGI +Question Gun Corsair
Matchlock Gun
Ohtas Cehuetzi Pelt  ??? Augment Hand-to-Hand Puppetmaster
Adaman Sainti
Darksteel Claws
Polyhymnia Cehuetzi Claw  ??? Augment Dagger Dancer
Darksteel Kukri
Coeus Cehuetzi Pelt  ??? Augment Staff Scholar
Mahogany Pole
Iridal Staff
Dunna Cehuetzi Pelt MP+20, Magic Accuracy +10, Fast Cast +3% Handbell Geomancer
Imperial Wootz Ingot
Star Sapphire
Aettir Cehuetzi Claw Accuracy +70, Magic Evasion +50, Weapon Skill Damage +10% Great Sword Rune Fencer