Painful Memory

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Painful Memory
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: Level 40+ Bard
Starting NPC Mertaire - Lower Jeuno (H-8)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description Take Mertaire's bracelet to Ranguemont Pass and immerse it in the Waters of Oblivion.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Path of the Bard The Requiem
Mertaire's bracelet
Paper Knife


Speak with Mertaire at the Merry Minsterel Meadhouse in Lower Jeuno to begin the quest. You will receive the key item Mertaire's bracelet.

  • Travel to Ranguemont Pass and head to the pool at E-5.
  • Activating the Waters of Oblivion will spawn the NM Tros.
  • Click on the Waters of Oblivion once Tros is defeated for a cutscene. At the conclusion of the cutscene you will receive your Paper Knife.

You do not need to be on Bard to activate the Waters of Oblivion, only to have the key item Mertaire's bracelet on you. Therefore, if you have a higher level job you can switch to that job and defeat Tros easily.