Promathia Mission 2-3

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Distant Beliefs
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Phomiuna Aqueducts
Title None
Repeatable No
Description You have volunteered to journey into the Phomiuna Aqueducts to defeat the minotaur. It appears that Nag'molada has set off ahead of you.
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Lost City An Eternal Melody

With the lifting of the level cap in Promathia areas, this quest is now relatively trivial in difficulty. The walkthrough below was written for a level cap of 40.


Useful Items to bring:

Objective 1

  • Sneak (Status) and Invisible (Status) up and make your way toward (J-2) on the second map where the Minotaur is.
    • Taurus mobs have True Sight so you will just need to run behind them or wait for them to move as their field of vision is very narrow. Alternatively, one person can travel to the Minotaur since it will draw the entire alliance in when one person aggros it.
      • Note: the Minotaur will NOT aggro a level 99 character, so using the draw-in method will not work if you get aggro from a level 99 character.
    • The Minotaur will use a move called Mortal Ray that inflicts Doom on whoever is standing directly in front of it and facing it. This means the tanks. It can usually be avoided by turning your back but you need to be fast. If you do get doomed, Holy Water and Cursna have a small chance to remove the effect. You will probably need to use multiple waters and/or Cursnas to remove it before the person is KOed.
  • After you defeat the Minotaur, there is no cutscene. Just move out of the area quickly so it doesn't re-aggro you when it repops.

Objective 2

  • Find the Iron Door at (G-8) on the second map.
  • A Thief can pick the lock, or you may defeat Fomors for the Bronze Key icon.png Bronze Key to open the door.
  • After you pass through the Iron Door, find the Wooden Ladder at (E-8) for a cutscene. Go up the ladder when the cutscene is finished.
    • This is more than just the brief cutscene where you see yourself climbing the ladder. If you didn't get a cutscene with Nag'molada, go back and make sure you got credit for killing the Minotaur.
  • Head through the door to the north and proceed down the hallway into the first room you see. Look for a ??? on a bookshelf. This will open a one way door on the south side of the room. Go through the door.
  • In this hallway, there are several torches on the wall. They are not obvious to see, so you will probably need to use the tab key on your keyboard to target them.
  • Look at which Vana'diel day of the week it is (i.e. Firesday, Iceday) and find the oil lamps that correspond to the current day AND the one that the day is strong against.
    • Firesday: Fire and Ice
    • Iceday: Ice and Wind
    • Windsday: Wind and Earth
    • Earthsday: Earth and Thunder
    • Lightningsday: Thunder and Water
    • Watersday: Water and Fire
    • Lightsday: Light and Dark
    • Darksday: Dark and Light
  • Examine the two corresponding oil lamps within a short period to open the door to the west. You can do this solo or have two players examine both at the same time.
  • Head through it and make your way to the Ornate Gate for a cutscene.

Ending the Mission

WARNING: FastCS and/or Enternity bugs this upcoming cutscene with Justinius. If you are using them, turn them off before speaking to Justinius as directed below.
WARNING: Cutscene also appears to bug if using Config's FrameRateDivisor of anything other than 2 (30fps cap).
  • After both objectives are completed, exit the aqueducts and speak with Justinius at (J-6) on the top floor of Tavnazian Safehold (Home Point #3).
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