Red Cape

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[[item icon:=File:Item 13586 icon.png]] item singular log name:=red cape
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Description: item description:=DEF:4 INT+2 MND+2
Image: Red Cape description.png
Type: item type:=Armor
Flags: item flags:=Inscribable, item flags:=Equippable
Stack size: item stack size:=1
"Find Red Cape on FFXIAH" "Find Red Cape on FFXIDB"

[[Category:item type:=Armor]]

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Races: All RacesTemplate:Racially equippable by all Equip. Slot: equipment slots:=Back
Level: item level:=43
Jobs: White Mage / Black Mage / Red Mage / Bard / Summoner / Blue Mage / Puppetmaster
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