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Job Ability Information
Job White Mage
Type Level  
Level Obtained 95
Description Enhances magic defense for party members within area of effect.
Duration 01:00 (or until being hit by magic damage)
Range 14'
Recast 10:00
Cumulative Enmity ?? Volatile Enmity ??
Command /ja "Sacrosanctity" <me> 
Job Points
Category Sacrosanctity Effect Ranks Available 20
Effect of each Rank Increase minimum value by 1.


  • Reduces magic damage taken by a further 75% in a separate step after other forms of reduction are applied.
  • The Job Points category implies that the potency decreases over time, but it's unclear how this works.
  • Wears off upon being hit with magic damage, even if the damage is 0.