San d'Oria Mission 9-2

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The Heir to the Light
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC Any San d'Oria Gate Guard
Title San d'Orian Royal Heir
Repeatable No
Description The Rites of Succession will be held at the cathedral in Northern San d'Oria. You are to report there for guard duty.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Breaking Barriers None


  • Speak to a Gate Guard to start the mission.
    • Trading 9 crystals to a Conquest NPC will unlock this mission.
  • Zone into Northern San d'Oria for a lengthy cutscene.
  • Zone into Chateau d'Oraguille for a cutscene.
  • Head to Fei'Yin for a cutscene.
  • Make your way to Qu'Bia Arena for a BCNM fight.
    • Use Fei'Yin Home Point #1 or Domenic to teleport right outside the arena, then walk a short distance to zone into the small room with the Burning Circle.
  • Trusts will despawn and buffs other than food will wear upon entering the BCNM.
  • Open with Elemental Seal+Sleepga II or Horde Lullaby, and start attacking the Ranger mob first. Make sure you silence the Warmachine, as it is a WHM who can Curaga and wake everything up. Defeat the Ranger, followed by the Warmachine, and then take our the rest.
  • Sleep the last mob before killing it, and give yourself a rest. There will be no time after the first part of the fight to rest.
  • Trion will randomly attack a mob, and should be helped. Preferably, the order to kill the NMs is BLM > PLD > DRK. Trion can be cured and can die in the BC. Should he die, you will be ejected from the BC. Despite being a Paladin, he isn't great at keeping himself alive.
  • Keep the other mobs silenced, a Paladin with Invincible is useful here for keeping attention.
  • Upon clearing the battlefield, zone into Northern San d'Oria for a cutscene.
  • Head to the Chateau and check the Great Hall for another cutscene.
  • Make your way to (H-8) in King Ranperre's Tomb and check the Heavy Stone Door -- the same from a previous mission -- for yet another cutscene.
  • Go back to the Chateau and speak to Halver and you will be awarded with Rank 10, 100,000 gil, and the San d'Orian Flag.
  • (Optional) Exit to Northern San d'Oria and proceed to the Papal Chamber door.
  • Zone into Southern San d'Oria for a final epilogue cutscene.