Saurian Slide

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Blue Mage Spell Information
Description Additional effect: Weakens attacks. Damage varies with TP.
Available Level 99
Type Slashing Physical Number of Hits 1
MP Cost 109 MP Cast Time .5 seconds
Point Cost 7 Recast Time 35 seconds
Target Single Range
Stat Bonus HP +50 VIT +6 INT -3
Creates Job Trait Inquartata
Scroll: File:Saurian Slide (Scroll) description.png
Additional Effects Attack Down Duration ~60 Seconds
Monster Type Beastmen Monster Family Velkk
Spell Mechanics
WSC% Information Needed
fTP 0~1499 1.0
1500~2999 Information Needed
3000 Information Needed
3500 Information Needed
Skillchain Properties Fragmentation Fragmentation / Distortion Distortion
Cumulative Enmity Volatile Enmity


  • Attack Down effect is -25%.

Spell Obtainment

Learned from: Velkk (Warrior) Blue Magic Skill Required to Learn: 393+
Monster Level Zone Map
Velkk   Yahse Hunting Grounds Updated marked map yahse hunting grounds.jpeg
Velkk   Foret de Hennetiel Updated marked map foret de hennetiel.jpeg
Velkk   Dho Gates Updated marked map dho gates map 1.jpeg
Velkk   Marjami Ravine Updated marked map marjami ravine.jpeg