Spirit Bond

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Job Ability Information
Job Dragoon
Type Level  
Level Obtained 65
Description Enables the dragoon to take some damage on behalf of their wyvern. Using Healing Breath also restores the wyvern's HP.
Duration 00:03:00
Range Question
Recast 00:01:00
Cumulative Enmity Question Volatile Enmity Question
Command /ja "Spirit Bond" <me>


  • This ability splits the wyvern's damage taken(after pet DT, but before steady wing) and splits it evenly with the Dragoon.
    • The damage taken by the Dragoon is not affected by the Dragoon's DT and does not trigger 'converts damage to MP/TP' effects, but can be mitigated by stoneskin.
  • Healing Breath cures the primary target and the wyvern.